When we were little,my brother and I,we went to long vacations once a year,not alone ,together with our families[my brother is actually my cousin,and his father is my father's brother].The best part about those was the journey,which more often than not used to be a train journey.We never went out of the country,there are so many lovely places in India that we were yet to tour, we chose to remain within the boundaries and since the distance wasn't that much we travelled by train.
I don't remember my first vacation,I was a toddler of 6 months that time when we went to Rishikesh.But I remember preparing MUCH for the journey than the actual vacation when I could differentiate betweeen the call of nature,hunger, be precise when I was older than six months.I had a red backpack which used to be stuffed with candies ,packets of lays and goodies which were passed between ourselves(my brother and I) at night when the grownups had drifted off.At this age,we were too impatient to sit still and ran about the train,occasionally stopping to talk to friendly strangers.Later the backpack(still red) had more of books,a walkman,spare batteries than candies and it was great fun reading in the pleasant hum and movement of the train.In a train more time was spent on catching up with all the hum hos of how life was treating whom,taking an occasional smoke when the train stopped at a station,chatting over chai,observing the changing landscape as we entered into a different state.It reminded me of many Ruskin Bond stories and I often weaved a web of imagination with the train being my only connection with Hogwarts,far away from the craziness of life and homework(Hogwarts also has homework and its own craziness pah,but of a kind I wouldn't mind being a part of)

In 2007 I boarded an airplane for the first time,I was SO excited but everthing changed at take off.I didn't appreciate the sudden speed at which it began to move,the feeling of my heart trying to jump out when the plane was finally air borne.The interior made me claustrophobic,my ears were blocked and however much I tried to gulp air,it stayed that way.I couldn't MOVE,the loo was a pigeon hole,okay larger,but still small.

Moral of the story?I never want to board a flight,EVER.I'll sail,if I have to.Thanks,but fly?The bird kind of flying,yes SURe,but the people flying?Never.

What is your favourite way to travel?

Mistaken belief

I had lots of ridiculous ideas as a kid,most of them mistaken beliefs and somehow I never went for clarification as the clarifications came to me themselves,and I was happy that way.But SOMETIMES,I made a fool of myself,it didn't seem so bad then,but now urgh *cringe*.

Stupidity stunt #1 When I was 5 without all the good details of marriage,I declared that I wanted to marry my brother.This appalled our neighbour,my grandma sushed me,my dad cracked up.I was puzzled,I was only told that you don't marry your brother.Why ever not?I didn't dare ask.Pah.What good is half a knowledge,eh?

Stupidity stunt #2 :Age 5-8,I believed et al was just a misspelt version of, ate all..

Stupidity stunt #3:I had a lot of confusion regarding where on earth we lived,like yes,really WHERE,inside,outside-and I didn't believe when I was told that we were hanging.I always thought that we lived INSIDE,that you had to make one big hole to take a long drive to space.I think Newton,Copernicus,ate all just died again.

Stupidity stunt #4: I never had any questions regarding where babies came from.However,I was smart enough not to let the world know that I didn't know at a family dinner.I was never curious,I just saw it as natural as you eat you shit-you get married and you get a baby.I was strong believer of the Eat-then-Shit theory,I never knew there could the alternative -the Vending Machine Theory.
So thats it,now you know-I'm the unchallenged queen of stupid.Anyone care to give me company?

How I love Awards!

Dear Crystal,

I am wishing a tsunami of these for you

for this

And for being the awesome reader you are!!

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I haven't discovered many blogs lately,so I'll be passing it on to just a few people..
Ashley @I love you more than carrots
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You give!!
Thank you again!and many apologies for such a late acceptance,pah.
Have a nice day!!