This blog is going to


Self destruct in.....3,2,1...!

Nah still here.

Since the season of giving is still on and all,I thought I might give myself a little something-my crazy head a new space to banter.Besides,I'm tired of being a Nobody(:P),I'd rather be a schmuck.I like being a geek too.But a schmuck is better.Hence you will find my further misadventures in The Schmuck running amuck,my newest space on the www.

Update your feeds and all.See ya folks on the new space.

I'm so Holey,see Giddit?


Yep thats right i got my piercing!
My uncle,who is a doctor did it for me with a surgical needle that looked like a fishing hook.Kinda like so...(ow)The shiny thing went inside my nose,I almost considered backing out when I felt it go through one layer,and then two and then the come out of the top of my nose,and I almost wept with relief.And if you are wondering whether it hurt or not,well ofcourse it did.But not much.Here's a crazy thing-Unlike your ear which keeps on burning after it has been pierced,the pain stops after your nose has had its newest hole.That's because it doesn't have as much nerves(ha!) as the ear.So,its pretty much okay,just a bit sore.And getting it done by a doc is always the best.
Just waiting for my nose to heal so I can do something like this...

and my current favourite thing to do is...

you got it!Twirl the string!I name this pic EXTACY!
This was on my wishlist for a long,LONG time.Whats on yours?wha-?Jus' askin'.
Image courtesy:Yahoo

Merry Christmas!!

| myspace graphic comments
Chistmas Graphic Comments

Almost four hours until Christmas(here at IST)!
Just finished with my tree and opening my presents at farmville! Dreaming of a white Christmas,like on the perfect picture postcards.But it doesn't snow in a tropical country like ours.
Okay!Enough ranting!

Happy holidays everyone!

What can I say?




I ♥ this too!

Enough holiday cheer to keep me bouncing till new year!

Happy hols,ya'll.


55 Fiction is a form of microfiction that refers to
the works of fiction limited to a maximum of fifty-five words.

-Dear wiki.




She woke up in her bed,startled.It was that noise again-a low rumble,like some wild animal with a terrible cold.It was gradually rising,on to a crescendo-like a building tempest.And then fell,only to rise again!

"Anish!",she yelled out to her twin,"Quit the nasal orchestra,will ya?!"

Soooo,er?How was it?I'm new to this genre of writing-though its kinda difficult,its great fun too!

Enjoy your Sunday!(or whatever's left of it:P)


Miss N

My first guest post!


So somebody did the unthinkable,they asked for a guest post from me on their blog.As if making a fool of myself on myspace wasn't enough :P.

Amazing Ashwini,who has been one of my firstest blog buddies asked me and some of her other bloggie friends to revive her (seemingly) dead blog.

What she failed to to realize ,that nothing about a fiery soul dies-even if its a corner in the behemoth www .

So I wrote THIS(clickety click).

An intelligent blogger with a sense of humour is what she has in store if you visit her, an amazingly talented artiste,a good friend with a heart of platinum, a gifted storyteller-and of my closest buddies on the web-one for Ash,yaay!

Do visit her,and leave a comment there.

Happy Saturday ya'll!

Just so that you know I'm honest,really

I have to show you my newest shiny trophy

given to me by sharazad of Dangerous Pages Review-If you are a bibliophile with a taste for the forbidden,you surely are missing something if you aren't following her!

So,as per the rules I have to state 10 ten things about me that you may or maynot know..

  1. I am a converse girl,through and through.
  2. My obsession with vampires does not begin and end with twilight.It has found new meaning with True Blood.
  3. Farmville Addict.Oh, yea Yeehaw!
  4. I love novels written on a historical background-like Kite runner(by Khaled hosseini) and the Odessa File by Frederick Forsyth and many more.I.Dig.History.Gee,does anyone else find that funny?
  5. Waiting to pierce my nose-I have a Go from both my boyf and Pa,but the friend brigade is kinda split in half over it.I procastrinate a lot,but I think I'm going for it.
  6. I am addicted to giving my blog a facelift(every now and then=atleast 4 times a week).Mommy likes buying new dresses.Is that so bad?(IT IS!)
  7. I love walnut kernels,LOVE LOVE LOVE!
  8. I think yellow nail polish is kinda cool.
  9. This is for my dog-"I'm not doing a Bella when I say I love you like my brother.REALLY.STOP.HUMPING.ME."
  10. I recently acted in a college play where I had to play a politician,kinda controversial-so they changed my character and lines the next day.Pissed.Like you wouldn't believe.

I found some amazing blogs that I'm following now,and I'd like to pass on the awards to them

Nelley at Happiness is a size six

Shilpa at A Rose is a Rose is a rose

Arun George at The Haven of my thoughts

Mama Zen at The Zen of Motherhood

Guria at Maverick Misfit

Shruti at Hits and Misses

Rajlakshmi at Destiny's Child

....and some oldies I can't stop loving :)

Avada Kedavra at Stung by the Splendour of a crazy thought

Little Miss Blogger at A Little blog about nothing

Bookpusher at The Genteel Arsenal.

Chop chop! Ta folks!

You tell me..

Nineteen year old wha-?I'm at this crossroad where I don't know which word to attach with myself-A girl or a woman?I wish I had an intelligent post to write,which would overnight boost my popularity and I'd have hundreds(okay scores,to start) pouring in to share their pearls of wisdom.Where's mine,you ask?Still looking for it,trying to explore a concept I never thought about often think about.No pearls of wisdom from my side,hence -1.No worries-who the hell wants to grow old?"Eighteen till I die"?-I'd love to,but I'm nineteen already ;)

When you are young,you tend to have weird ideas about *grown up things*-I know I had!
This is what I thought it takes to be a woman(around a decade ago when 14 was wouldn't scold,I'd have no curfew and by the time I was 15 dad would probably invite my potential boyfriend to dinner and not scare him with his jack hammer .20 was just bordering on the verge of death)
You are a woman(as in an adult female) if(Disclaimer this is flashback-don't let the tense eff you up :P)
  • You are 20.I mean 20 is OLD.Whoever heard of the phrase 40 is the new 20.Doesn't matter-both are OLD.(If you are wondering what I thought about my parents then-as usual-nothing.They are parents.What about them?)
  • You wear makeup.OMG.So,so old.
  • You wear danglydoo earrings.Cute earrings are for little girls-hands off*spits out*woman!!

Are you as confused as I am?Good.Lets carry on.

I never thought I'd have to attach the word "woman" with myself.There's nothing remotely graceful about me,nothing gentle and womanly.

For instance,this is what happened a few months ago...

Me and best bud S pigged out on this delicious buffet at Mainland China.We took third,fourth and fifth helping of the chicken wings,crab and prawn chips respectively.By the time we had finished,WE HAD TO DOWNLOAD,I mean REALLY.As we were gathering are asses to hit the bowl,I fell off my chair.I didn't feel ashamed,smoothed my hair and then ran out of the restaurant to the john.(did I mention I ran out yelling?)

And a conversation between me and S in a restaurant(again) in 9th grade-(le pardonnable?)

Me*whispers*:Should we leave a tip?

S*in her outdoor voice*:No.We are kids!


Did I mention it was a really sophisticated place,and the maitre d and the other waiters were pointing and laughing while we sauntered out like divas,only to return the next month.

Having a kiddie face doesn't help either.

Will I ever grow up?Shall I ever have poise,grace and the ickle womanly stuffs?Does it grow on you with age?I'm still waiting for The becoming.vintage Pictures, Images and Photos

Or not.

Which event(if any) marked Your becoming?

And this is how I got added into his friendlist

smiles Pictures, Images and Photos
The idea usually dies in my head-I'm just so full of them,but am SO SO lazy to write!Maybe its the survival of the fittest thats going on in my head-one ambitious little idealet kills the other,ha!Go figure.But today I couldNOT just let this die out.

A conversation between me and R(thats my guy!*teehee*) on how best to use facebook

R:I'm going to use it for saving the world!I'll bring the people to light!
Me:Why can't you just send me hugs,drinks and play farmville and be happy with it?
R:*This is where he looks exasperated,thinking that sometimes either I fail to get him or am being dumb on purpose*
R:I still think Saving the world is a better idea.Aw,c'mon I'm just going to put up news updates and ask people's opinions on the bites.Then I'm going to open a news company.By the way,I haven't added you yet.(He just signed up)
Me:Well go one,type a search...
Few seconds later...
R:Oh,is that you the one in the gray hat?
Me:No,look for a picture with a pair of feet in it.Sepia.
R:Ok,feet it is.
R:Oh wait-is that you with the picture of a naked guy playing a violin?
ME:*This is where I fall off the chair laughing*

I mean I NEED TO LOOK FOR THIS PERSON,who has my name and a display picture of a naked man playing violin.Its just not the words,but the way he said it,I have been laughing since morning.Either I'm crazy,or I'm crazy.Or I'm crazy in love ♥

love Pictures, Images and Photos
Happy monday ya'll!

Image courtesy:photobucket

Random Realizations:10 things I have found out


..In which you may find a list of my realizations,findings,fun facts posted as soon as I have 10 of 'em at hand :)Feel free to add your own in the comments :)

  • I simply CANNOT take a decent photograph,however much I try I happen to take the most ordinary of pics,nothing too be ooh-ed and ahh-ed about.And it bugs me to no end.To top it all,I'm insanely jealous of people who CAN take good photos.I should hike to Mount Sinai sometime soon.
  • My dog has fleas!!!!!!!And along with my dog,I have flea bites too.Which degree of eww-ness should we put that in?
  • I can never be loyal to one template,its just that I'm searching for The One,and so far-no luck.They have templates for shopping blogs,fashion,travelling,pets-but what about scribblers,don't they deserve a good template too?There are thousands out there,and I'm the only one to blame for I can't decide-whether to go with the theme,or choose one which looks good.No cookie for me :(
  • I have renewed respect for Chetan Bhagat.Two States was a good read.
  • For some weird reason I have stopped collecting quotes,at one point of time I was crazy about them.Feel good quotes and humorous ones score highest on my list.

One of my all time favourites:

"For Attractive lips, speak words of kindness, For lovely eyes, seek out the good in people, For a slim figure, share your food with the hungry, For Beautiful hair, let a child run their fingers through it once a day, For poise, walk with the knowledge that you never walk alone. People, more than things, have to be restored, renewed, revived, reclaimed, and redeemed. Remember, if you ever need a helping hand, you will find one at the end of each of your arms. As you grow older, you will discover that you have two hands, one for helping yourself and the other for helping others." -Audrey Hepburn

  • My obsession with farmville is reaching the point of insanity.
  • College,is not that bad after all.Though mine is admittedly the most boring college on earth,my friends make it worth slogging through,and occassionally the subject ;)
  • Time travel is not impossible.Into the future,I mean.I just read it somewhere-I couldn't get the rocket science(And this is the reason I'm not elaborating,I don't want to look like a fool,and if sometime if it IS proved impossible-remember me as someone who loved the fiction part of science fiction than science itself.)-but yea it is kind of possible.
  • Sometime in third grade I had learnt that dogs are colour blind and to this day I haven't found a proper answer to this.So I had to google it and this is what came up
Dogs are not color blind - they see color, but their chromatic acuity is
significantly less than humans'. This is for two reasons: (1) dogs have far
fewer cone cells in their retina (cone cells are responsible for seeing color);
and (2) dogs are dichromatic (they see only two primary colors - blue and
yellow) whereas humans are trichromatic, meaning we see three primary colors -
red, blue, and green.
  • Winter has finally stopped playing lets pretend and peekaboo.He is here.Full blast.And living in a tropical country I have never been able to associate winter with death,desolation and all the normal poetic thing-a-majigs.Winters here are SO pleasant,and I'm enjoying the few months of its stay.

Have anything you'd like to share?No penny for your thoughts :)

Do you have a minute?


I'm lying here, where they left me.Do you have a minute today?Or would you miss your bus?Is that phone call really important?I would have survived the other day,albeit weak from hunger,if you hadnot given me the last scrap of bun.No,I'll still be grateful,for we ARE loyal creatures,every one of us.But TODAY,I really need your help.Look at me please,last night as I was sleeping under the street light,the back wheel of a truck squashed my stomach.My guts are spilled out for the world to see,its a miracle that I'm still alive,though I can feel life like an ebb tide,as opposed to a rising one.I have been howling like this since four in the morn-some of you must have cursed me in your sleep.Sorry about that-but today I'm REALLY not crying wolf-there are no suspicious strangers,no scurrying cats-it is a matter of life and death for me.If only you would look out and see.The old lady never liked me,she covered her nose with her saree,but the school boy?He used to give me bread out of his tiffin box-was that love or just a method to dispose off his unwanted lunch.I would say it was the former,for today he wanted to help but his mother dragged him away,disgusted,mumbling something about being late to school.The sun mounts higher,I need water.Wouldn't somebody give me some?I have been too hopeful,and now irritation sets in,or is it a sin to be so?To expect something in return of a service?-have I not guarded your houses well enough,friends?

Suddenly I feel something cold,metal.Oh.A clamp around my neck.Somebody hauls me up and puts me in the back of a van.I could smell more of my kind,but I could see none.It was cool in there...

And then darkness set in.

One morning I woke up to a horrible howling,the sight was more pitiful than the sound,as you can well imagine.Well,this street dog and I,we have grown up together,and that day death came as the end.Many people were curious,some visibly disgusted,others Talked about what should be done,but nobody did anything.My dog,kept howling back,he was restless.He whined and kept coming back to me,pleading to do something.I put a call to the local animal centre which takes care of wounded strays,but they too were pretty nonchalant for an organisation which did such work.I was seriously disappointed.They took an hour to travel four kilometers,and that too hauled the dog by its neck on their arrival.The howling still reverberates in my ears.I took little comfort from their arrival,as it was clear that she wouldn't live long-nobody does,when their guts have been spilled on the road for hours.

None of my neighbours even came down with water,or first aid.I was surprised at such an inhuman reaction to something like this.Do we not sleep peacefully in our beds,because they roam the streets and guard the neighbourhood?Do they not put up a racket if suspicious men hang around our houses?Have we learnt this then?To expect service and and give nothing in return?

That sure was a poor way to repay a debt.For days,some of the other dogs mourned.And with them,I did too.I love my city,would trade the most precious thing to me to live here forever,here in Calcutta.The City of Joy,they say.But sometimes,just sometimes,I feel that my city has a black heart.

And if you are up there,my friend,this is for you.I know the brightest star that shines is you.Forgive me,my friend-that sure was a poor way to repay a debt to you.

pic found here:

Fiction 55:First attempt

I have been meaning to write one for ages,ever since Avada wrote one,and then I found other awesome f55 on Shruti's blog,Shankar's and Shilpa's.
So what IS a Fiction55?This is what wiki says :

The origin of 55 Fiction can be traced to a short story writing contest
organized by New Times, an independent alternative weekly in San Luis Obispo,
California, in 1987.
The idea was proposed by New Times founder and publisher Steve Moss. New Times, while
often mistakenly believed to be part of the New Times chain of papers, is
actually part of the smaller, San Luis Obispo-county based New Times Media
Group, which also owns the Santa Maria Sun.


A literary work will be considered 55 Fiction if it has:
Fifty-five words or less (A non-negotiable rule)
A setting,
One or more characters,
Some conflict, and
A resolution. (Not limited to moral of the story)
The title of the story is not part of the overall word count, but it still can’t exceed seven words.

So here I go(hey,erm that rhymes!)
He could recognize her scent anywhere.Though he was eighty,he clearly remembered the first time he had met her in the park-her golden hair flying.
But she was leaner now,her golden mane dull,her mouth pulled down at the corners.He called
out"Miranda!" but all that came out was "woof".

So,how was it?My first attempt,don't be too harsh ;)

Welcome to the trophy room

Awards galore, folks-and many of the trophies have your names on them :)LAdida? I know!
We all know that I have been pretty sucky about distributing the awards I received,but today I intend to make it up to you,for sure!So,go on-have a seat you are welcome to bring your own snacks while we have drinks on the house-a little champagne for the celebration toast :D
Pic found here:
Firstly,Awesome Avada gave me these on completing 100 posts on her blog-way to go girl!And sorry for the late acceptance,but these are HEARTILY appreciated!Thank you!
This is her personal award and has two of the characters I really DIG!Thankie girl!
And then The blog buddies Award
which I wish to pass on to

Next comes the..
I Love your blog award and this goes to






Next,Little ms blogger tagged me for this

She says my blog is over the top ;) hehe,Thanks!

So the rules are:Copy and change the answers to suit you and pass it on. You must use only one word answers!Once you have filled it out you then pass it on to 6 of your favorite bloggers and alert them that they have been awarded.

1. Where is your cell phone? here

2. Your hair? black

3. Your mother? talented

4. Your father? caring

5. Your favorite food? Biriyani

6. Your dream last night? dreamless

7. Your favorite drink? Diet Cola

8. Your dream/goal? researcher

9. What room are you in? mine

10. Your hobby? Reading

11. Your fear? heights

12. Where do you want to be in 6 years? this world

13. Where were you last night? home

14. Something that you aren't? sneaky

15. Muffins? chocolate chip

16. Wish list item? i-phone

17. Where did you grow up? Calcutta

18. Last thing you did? dinner

19. What are you wearing? tracks

20. Your TV? Sony

21. Your pets? horny dog

22. Friends? kick ass

23. Your life?bah

24. Your mood? Swings

25. Missing someone? Yes :)

26. Vehicle? Maruti

27. Something you’re not wearing? earings

28. Your favorite store? Westside

29. Your favorite color? Black

30. When was the last time you laughed?now

31. Last time you cried? don't remember

32. Your best friend? Shre :)

33. One place that I go to over and over? the john ;)

34. One person who emails me regularly? Facebook alerts :(

35. Favorite place to eat? At home

Her answers cracked me up- click here to read hers!

Six bloggers I wish to pass this on to are







And then Shruti Tagged me for these

Aww,Calvin and Hobbes!Me likey!Thanks girl!And congratulations for the 50 post mark-though thats far gone and you are moving at the pace of a raging tornado towards your 100th!Go Shruti!
And then
also from Shruti,and to pass these on...







Little ms blogger

and back at Shruti :P(yes,I just did that)


All these awards,and did you really think I wouldn't add my own?So here goes

Tada-from me to you!










That was one big post,phew! Have fun palying with them on your sidebar heh!
Until next time...

Random Realizations of a Ranting Rat:10 things I have found out


Sometimes I wonder why we live-that’s a pretty darn stupid question right there,eh? We live for a variety of things-for living(um? You ask-yea I have no answer to this-when we are dropped down-we got nothing else to do- unless someone runs you over.Ouch.),for eating-God knows how I love these people,for changing the world,for being good friends to people who need the,for being good friends to complete pr*icks who don’t deserve them,we live for others,we live for us-we live to wear the clothes we would die for,we live to learn and un-learn.Phew.
I have been ranting there,eh?Sorry. But hey,I just couldn’t start of with a list of things I have learnt-so NOT interesting.You must be wondering why I’m making this such a big deal-Its just that I have come to realize that I tend to learn a LOT of things everyday-from my dad,from a five year old-from a bird and even from me(*gasp*oh,I’m such a wise-ass) entirely mundane things,important things,things about the cheetah-things about me just about anything and Voila-I thought this would make good blog foo so I’ve decided to make this a regular thing on my blog-or as often as I learn ten things I’d like to share .

Are you with me till here?I love you,I shit you not.
So yea the list..

  • I have found out that I follow an INSANE amount of blogs.REALLY.Not my fault there are so many people who write such good stuff.*sniff*

  • That I’m super lazy about passing out awards so lovingly given to me by my blog buddies.I have been horrible I know.Here’s a cookie-will you forgive me?

  • The Maoist menace is getting out of hand in WB.I don’t want us to become another Afganistan.And speaking of Afganistan-I’m absolutely in love with the place after reading The Kite runner and I would love to visit it sometime-Though I might bring myself back in a box.eek.

  • I’m addicted to coke-the kind you drink,not the kind you snort.

  • Farmville is ACTUALLY fun.My eggplants are almost grown.Yaay.Iwill probably have enough coins to expand my farm today!

  • My Samsung Star ACTUALLY touches me back.So does my bf’s Corby.Whats with these touchscreen phones?

  • How war can cripple a nation and how the common people suffered because of it.’62-72(when India was at war with China and then Pakistan/Bangladesh) my father witnessed it first hand.Rice,wheat,sugar were only available at fair price shops.Because of the shortage of food,farmers were allowed to sell the grains only to the government,at a reduced price.Those who were found trying to sell it in the open market were shot at sight by the police.Shocking.Nerve wracking stuff,eh?Families were issued ration cards which had a quota of food grains allotted to them as per the number of family members.These were obtained weekly and bread coupons were given which,again allotted as per the number of members, and bread could only be bought by showing those.Sometimes I mourn an i-Pod touch,a better graphics card but I failed to realize how these things stop mattering when you have to worry about trying to make it through the day.Today my gen can buy whatever they want over the counter.And people say India has not come a long way.Sure we do have a long way to go,but it isn’t so that we haven’t even started.

  • I don’t like Stephen King anymore.He is very talkative.

  • I need to start making notes and stop scrounging for information the night before the examination.This is just a realization.I don’t know how far I’d be able to work towards achieving it. :D

  • I have LOTS of new books waiting to be read.YAAAAAAY.

Images: The book

The coke can

and yahoo images.

Oh..and I can't wait for this....

Whats in my mailbox?

Actually nothing.It was delivered to me in person.
I am participating in a bookevent where Michael has sent out a copy of Around the World in 80 days to link all bloggers and which would get back to him at the end of 80 days.I think its a unique concept and would make a wonderful keepsake for his son :) It first went to Peter in Philippines,then to Sharon in Australia who passed it to me.I have never had anything delivered to me in my entire life.Nobody wrote me letters.I'm a '90s child. And this time I got a BOOK and a lovely postcard and two cool bookmarks from Sharon.Thats neat for your first mail,eh?
This is so cool I'm orgasmic!Actually no.But I'm really happy,REALLY.Thank you for choosing me Sharon and thank you for the post card and the bookmarks!!

Here are some pictures I took of the book,the postcard from Sharon and me with the book.They aren't the best you have seen-I could really use some tutorials on taking pictures.Sigh.

Couldnt wait to change out of my pajamas to take the pic

The book and the bookmarks

The Postcard and the bookmarks.

The book reached me on 25.10.o9.Sorry I took so long to post -my week was something like this

Dg rosseti Beowulf Tennyson Hudibras MacFlecknoe Vitorian Poetry Native Resourses Goblin Market Donne Good morrow Sonnets Verse Satire Restoration Cromwell...
er.... I had exams.I had a terrible time juggling all of it.I hope your week was better than mine.
This book is travelling to Vivienne in UK.Sometimes I wish I was this book.
Have a great weekend,and those of you who celebrate Halloween-start a brush-a-thon,you'll need it after all the candy!