Random Realizations of a Ranting Rat:10 things I have found out


Sometimes I wonder why we live-that’s a pretty darn stupid question right there,eh? We live for a variety of things-for living(um? You ask-yea I have no answer to this-when we are dropped down-we got nothing else to do- unless someone runs you over.Ouch.),for eating-God knows how I love these people,for changing the world,for being good friends to people who need the,for being good friends to complete pr*icks who don’t deserve them,we live for others,we live for us-we live to wear the clothes we would die for,we live to learn and un-learn.Phew.
I have been ranting there,eh?Sorry. But hey,I just couldn’t start of with a list of things I have learnt-so NOT interesting.You must be wondering why I’m making this such a big deal-Its just that I have come to realize that I tend to learn a LOT of things everyday-from my dad,from a five year old-from a bird and even from me(*gasp*oh,I’m such a wise-ass) entirely mundane things,important things,things about the cheetah-things about me just about anything and Voila-I thought this would make good blog foo so I’ve decided to make this a regular thing on my blog-or as often as I learn ten things I’d like to share .

Are you with me till here?I love you,I shit you not.
So yea the list..

  • I have found out that I follow an INSANE amount of blogs.REALLY.Not my fault there are so many people who write such good stuff.*sniff*

  • That I’m super lazy about passing out awards so lovingly given to me by my blog buddies.I have been horrible I know.Here’s a cookie-will you forgive me?

  • The Maoist menace is getting out of hand in WB.I don’t want us to become another Afganistan.And speaking of Afganistan-I’m absolutely in love with the place after reading The Kite runner and I would love to visit it sometime-Though I might bring myself back in a box.eek.

  • I’m addicted to coke-the kind you drink,not the kind you snort.

  • Farmville is ACTUALLY fun.My eggplants are almost grown.Yaay.Iwill probably have enough coins to expand my farm today!

  • My Samsung Star ACTUALLY touches me back.So does my bf’s Corby.Whats with these touchscreen phones?

  • How war can cripple a nation and how the common people suffered because of it.’62-72(when India was at war with China and then Pakistan/Bangladesh) my father witnessed it first hand.Rice,wheat,sugar were only available at fair price shops.Because of the shortage of food,farmers were allowed to sell the grains only to the government,at a reduced price.Those who were found trying to sell it in the open market were shot at sight by the police.Shocking.Nerve wracking stuff,eh?Families were issued ration cards which had a quota of food grains allotted to them as per the number of family members.These were obtained weekly and bread coupons were given which,again allotted as per the number of members, and bread could only be bought by showing those.Sometimes I mourn an i-Pod touch,a better graphics card but I failed to realize how these things stop mattering when you have to worry about trying to make it through the day.Today my gen can buy whatever they want over the counter.And people say India has not come a long way.Sure we do have a long way to go,but it isn’t so that we haven’t even started.

  • I don’t like Stephen King anymore.He is very talkative.

  • I need to start making notes and stop scrounging for information the night before the examination.This is just a realization.I don’t know how far I’d be able to work towards achieving it. :D

  • I have LOTS of new books waiting to be read.YAAAAAAY.

Images: The book www.flickr.com/photos/lisadanilko/193713247/

The coke can www.flickr.com/photos/justinnn/2546675800/

and yahoo images.

Oh..and I can't wait for this....


LiLu said...

I'm so scared of the day I actually try Farmville... I KNOW I will be addicted!!

Anonymous said...

I am totally with you on the blog thing, it is kind of addictive and its great being able to follow other peoples thoughts. War never good. Books always good. Have fun catching up with the reading.

Miss_Nobody said...

Lilu:Haha,you need to try it out!its really cool!
Bookpusher:I really can't enough of blog lol,I NEED to log in and check for updates from the ones I follow!

Shankar said...

ha..ha.. you too play farmville??? i guess the whole world is playing the game.... where ever i go everyone asks.. "hey which level are you in farmville"...
but its a nice game...

Miss_Nobody said...

Haha yea,I'm addicted!Do you play farmville?:P

Shankar said...

yup..I do... currently in 28th level...

Shilpa Garg said...

A cool list!!
You have a farm!! Join the club!! I am totally addicted to it!! And play from my husband's account too!! :)

An advice, dont get addicted...look who's talking!!
And books are any day better than FarmVille. So happy reading!! :)

Miss_Nobody said...

Shankar:Wow-I'm not there yet!
Shilpa!Hello-Thanks for visiting!And whoa hey like everybody's playing farmiville.Anyday I prefer reading to farmville!