This blog is going to


Self destruct in.....3,2,1...!

Nah still here.

Since the season of giving is still on and all,I thought I might give myself a little something-my crazy head a new space to banter.Besides,I'm tired of being a Nobody(:P),I'd rather be a schmuck.I like being a geek too.But a schmuck is better.Hence you will find my further misadventures in The Schmuck running amuck,my newest space on the www.

Update your feeds and all.See ya folks on the new space.

I'm so Holey,see Giddit?


Yep thats right i got my piercing!
My uncle,who is a doctor did it for me with a surgical needle that looked like a fishing hook.Kinda like so...(ow)The shiny thing went inside my nose,I almost considered backing out when I felt it go through one layer,and then two and then the come out of the top of my nose,and I almost wept with relief.And if you are wondering whether it hurt or not,well ofcourse it did.But not much.Here's a crazy thing-Unlike your ear which keeps on burning after it has been pierced,the pain stops after your nose has had its newest hole.That's because it doesn't have as much nerves(ha!) as the ear.So,its pretty much okay,just a bit sore.And getting it done by a doc is always the best.
Just waiting for my nose to heal so I can do something like this...

and my current favourite thing to do is...

you got it!Twirl the string!I name this pic EXTACY!
This was on my wishlist for a long,LONG time.Whats on yours?wha-?Jus' askin'.
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Merry Christmas!!

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Almost four hours until Christmas(here at IST)!
Just finished with my tree and opening my presents at farmville! Dreaming of a white Christmas,like on the perfect picture postcards.But it doesn't snow in a tropical country like ours.
Okay!Enough ranting!

Happy holidays everyone!

What can I say?




I ♥ this too!

Enough holiday cheer to keep me bouncing till new year!

Happy hols,ya'll.


55 Fiction is a form of microfiction that refers to
the works of fiction limited to a maximum of fifty-five words.

-Dear wiki.




She woke up in her bed,startled.It was that noise again-a low rumble,like some wild animal with a terrible cold.It was gradually rising,on to a crescendo-like a building tempest.And then fell,only to rise again!

"Anish!",she yelled out to her twin,"Quit the nasal orchestra,will ya?!"

Soooo,er?How was it?I'm new to this genre of writing-though its kinda difficult,its great fun too!

Enjoy your Sunday!(or whatever's left of it:P)


Miss N

My first guest post!


So somebody did the unthinkable,they asked for a guest post from me on their blog.As if making a fool of myself on myspace wasn't enough :P.

Amazing Ashwini,who has been one of my firstest blog buddies asked me and some of her other bloggie friends to revive her (seemingly) dead blog.

What she failed to to realize ,that nothing about a fiery soul dies-even if its a corner in the behemoth www .

So I wrote THIS(clickety click).

An intelligent blogger with a sense of humour is what she has in store if you visit her, an amazingly talented artiste,a good friend with a heart of platinum, a gifted storyteller-and of my closest buddies on the web-one for Ash,yaay!

Do visit her,and leave a comment there.

Happy Saturday ya'll!

Just so that you know I'm honest,really

I have to show you my newest shiny trophy

given to me by sharazad of Dangerous Pages Review-If you are a bibliophile with a taste for the forbidden,you surely are missing something if you aren't following her!

So,as per the rules I have to state 10 ten things about me that you may or maynot know..

  1. I am a converse girl,through and through.
  2. My obsession with vampires does not begin and end with twilight.It has found new meaning with True Blood.
  3. Farmville Addict.Oh, yea Yeehaw!
  4. I love novels written on a historical background-like Kite runner(by Khaled hosseini) and the Odessa File by Frederick Forsyth and many more.I.Dig.History.Gee,does anyone else find that funny?
  5. Waiting to pierce my nose-I have a Go from both my boyf and Pa,but the friend brigade is kinda split in half over it.I procastrinate a lot,but I think I'm going for it.
  6. I am addicted to giving my blog a facelift(every now and then=atleast 4 times a week).Mommy likes buying new dresses.Is that so bad?(IT IS!)
  7. I love walnut kernels,LOVE LOVE LOVE!
  8. I think yellow nail polish is kinda cool.
  9. This is for my dog-"I'm not doing a Bella when I say I love you like my brother.REALLY.STOP.HUMPING.ME."
  10. I recently acted in a college play where I had to play a politician,kinda controversial-so they changed my character and lines the next day.Pissed.Like you wouldn't believe.

I found some amazing blogs that I'm following now,and I'd like to pass on the awards to them

Nelley at Happiness is a size six

Shilpa at A Rose is a Rose is a rose

Arun George at The Haven of my thoughts

Mama Zen at The Zen of Motherhood

Guria at Maverick Misfit

Shruti at Hits and Misses

Rajlakshmi at Destiny's Child

....and some oldies I can't stop loving :)

Avada Kedavra at Stung by the Splendour of a crazy thought

Little Miss Blogger at A Little blog about nothing

Bookpusher at The Genteel Arsenal.

Chop chop! Ta folks!

You tell me..

Nineteen year old wha-?I'm at this crossroad where I don't know which word to attach with myself-A girl or a woman?I wish I had an intelligent post to write,which would overnight boost my popularity and I'd have hundreds(okay scores,to start) pouring in to share their pearls of wisdom.Where's mine,you ask?Still looking for it,trying to explore a concept I never thought about often think about.No pearls of wisdom from my side,hence -1.No worries-who the hell wants to grow old?"Eighteen till I die"?-I'd love to,but I'm nineteen already ;)

When you are young,you tend to have weird ideas about *grown up things*-I know I had!
This is what I thought it takes to be a woman(around a decade ago when 14 was wouldn't scold,I'd have no curfew and by the time I was 15 dad would probably invite my potential boyfriend to dinner and not scare him with his jack hammer .20 was just bordering on the verge of death)
You are a woman(as in an adult female) if(Disclaimer this is flashback-don't let the tense eff you up :P)
  • You are 20.I mean 20 is OLD.Whoever heard of the phrase 40 is the new 20.Doesn't matter-both are OLD.(If you are wondering what I thought about my parents then-as usual-nothing.They are parents.What about them?)
  • You wear makeup.OMG.So,so old.
  • You wear danglydoo earrings.Cute earrings are for little girls-hands off*spits out*woman!!

Are you as confused as I am?Good.Lets carry on.

I never thought I'd have to attach the word "woman" with myself.There's nothing remotely graceful about me,nothing gentle and womanly.

For instance,this is what happened a few months ago...

Me and best bud S pigged out on this delicious buffet at Mainland China.We took third,fourth and fifth helping of the chicken wings,crab and prawn chips respectively.By the time we had finished,WE HAD TO DOWNLOAD,I mean REALLY.As we were gathering are asses to hit the bowl,I fell off my chair.I didn't feel ashamed,smoothed my hair and then ran out of the restaurant to the john.(did I mention I ran out yelling?)

And a conversation between me and S in a restaurant(again) in 9th grade-(le pardonnable?)

Me*whispers*:Should we leave a tip?

S*in her outdoor voice*:No.We are kids!


Did I mention it was a really sophisticated place,and the maitre d and the other waiters were pointing and laughing while we sauntered out like divas,only to return the next month.

Having a kiddie face doesn't help either.

Will I ever grow up?Shall I ever have poise,grace and the ickle womanly stuffs?Does it grow on you with age?I'm still waiting for The becoming.vintage Pictures, Images and Photos

Or not.

Which event(if any) marked Your becoming?