Kiss and tell volume 2

So yes,I have been tagged again,this time by Avada Kedavra,to post 7 secrets about meself,yup thats what this is all about.In an earlier post, I spilled ten random and pretty much useless facts about myself in the post Kiss and Tell.But this isn't all about my darker side,wait till you get to the end of the post :)

#1:I only LOOK sweet and innocent.When provoked,I throw all demureness out of the window and can put a hardened truck driver to shame.Yep,eww-haw.

#2 I can't stand people who can't/ don't handle books properly.I think twice before lending someone one of my books,I have learnt it the hard way,yessir!I have had some of my books misplaced(gasp),mauled (double gasp).Don't you just hate that?If that makes me selfish,oh yea I'm the Queen bee of All Selfish Bitches Association.

#3 I hate sitting with my back to an open window.I'll jump if you say boo.I'll hide under the nearest table if the branches sway or the leaves rustle.You get the picture?I'm the biggest scaredy cat you'll ever meet!

#4 I've had a crush on my bf since first grade,and I've been earnestly denying that,so shhh. Lol.

#5 I am what you'd call a shadow writer.Yep, I invented the term,right here.Lalala.Hm, so whats a shadow writer?One whose writing has never seen daylight.Which,is me.

#6 I have never been to a bar/nightclub/lounge(*gasp*) wait I have been to a lounge,so yes.But here's the saver,I'm underaged,and thats all I have got lol.

#7 I have always wanted an older sister,the warm and fuzzy kind,y'know? Not the bossy,"I'll tell mum if you so much as even breathe" kind.Any takers?I promise not to read your journal,or dunk my face in your compact and a hug guaranteed everytime you feel down.I'll even make you a latte,choco mint or berry blast,you pick :D

iTag: Bookpusher @ The Genteel Arsenal (I loved your post on The graveyard book.Anything vampire rocks my socks!)

Sharazad @ The Dangerous Pages Review

Sonja @ Humour bytes

Lilu @Liv it,Luv it

Remember what I told you about reaching the end of the post?Yaay you made it,now lookie

Thats the best *beat the heat* strategy I could come up with,going over the top with the pixie look,which sorta makes me look like Dixie poop...with hair like this,I don't beat it,I WHACK it.

The truth about life and a shout out

Let's drive home a few home truths about life:

Donot drink water,fishes f*ck in it.

Gravity is bull shit,basically the earth SUCKS.

NOBODY dies a virgin,Life f*cks everyone.

Hehe,kidding..just an excuse to wish you a happy Sunday.Hope your weekend,so far,has been better than mine,which if you want to know was full of power cuts,swatting flies and building the best strategies to beat the heat.SO far,not so good.
Now to go on with the computer is acting up everytime I try to comment on a blog with an embedded comment form and the comment is not posted (obviously,*rolls eyes*).This goes out especially to Bookpusher at The Genteel Arsenal and budh.ahh at we even cry the same way.Guys,I have been reading all your posts but my silly computer wouldn't let me post any comments on your blog.

Bookpusher's post on Choices was very interesting.It dealt with how individuals choose what to read,whether they are influenced by the big names in publishing,an Amazon rating or reviews ,both on blogs and the print media.For me,choosing what to read has never been difficult.I read anything and everything,right from glossy fashion magazine to political periodicals and ofcourse the real treats,BOOKS, as we know them.Being an impulsive bookshopper I pickup books based on the little paragraph on the back,or depending on the writer.I rarely go by reviews,I have always chosen to go ahead and taste it for myself.And,nay,rarely have I been disappointed.I meant to post this as a comment on her blog,but am forced to post it on mine.

My Mocha Brownie Fudge calls.In the words of a Looney Toons banner,that's all folks!

Speak softly,my love

"Speak Softly Love (Love Theme From The Godfather)" is a song written for The Godfather (1972), the first film in the Godfather trilogy. While its instrumental version is simply known as "The Godfather theme", "Speak Softly Love" is the vocal version. The words and music are by Larry Kusik and Nino Rota....Wikipedia
Yesterday I watched The Godfather (I) for the nth time and I was totally smitten by the theme music,and I was surprised that I hadn't noticed it before.Sacriligious! But thats probably because I last watched it about two years ago,that too in parts,with the pressure of the upcoming Board exams(10 the grade secondary exams).Nope,thats not an excuse!I was inattentive and that is inexcusable.heh!
I'm not much of a sucker for movie themes,least of all James Bond and MI themes.But the Godfather theme just kept playing in my head every time I closed my eyes...
And now I'm crazy about it! I even downloaded the tune and I'm using it as my ringtone :)

This is how it appears in the movie,the original theme

I youtubed the theme for a while and came across one played on violin

I'm not a big fan of the sinister guy in the video,but he does play it well,heart rendering,if you may call it.

I also love this(the video is underneath) song from the movie The City of Angels

Iris by Goo Goo Dolls


When you say nothing at all from the movie Notting hill,sung by Ronan Keating

Note to self:Google the notes of the godfather theme and learn to play it on the guitar.WHEEE !

Kiss and tell

I have been tagged to spill it,ten useless facts about myself that ya'll could live without knowing.Aparajita(di),dropped a line and made my day as I was racking my brains to come up with a good post today.Easy way out,eh?That too on my favourite subject-ME! My day can't get any better( or I guess it could,it could rain,you know,37degree C is too unbearable for words.)Now, to go ahead with the seemingly endless stream of tittle tattle thats going on in my head,

#1.I love reading.This isn't a secret,never was and if you look around my page for a while you would have deduced it yourself,without all the hum-ho of rocket science and me typing it out on a noisy keyboard.So,thats a premise.Nothing implied.Here's the secret part,I'm an impulsive shopper when it comes to books,I'll pick up any book if the little paragraph thingy on the back seems interesting.Not all of them have turned out to be good reads,but the goodreads outnumbers the eggs 100 to 1.Labyrinth by Kate Mosse is one such buy,and I loved it.

#2 I love fantasy.I love Harry Potter,Eragon,Bewitched ( does anyone remember that show?Samantha was a witch married to a human and they have a little witchlet called Tabitha?),Charmed,all of it,books ,movies, tv shows are equally appealing to me.Anything paranormal is supercool.

#3 I LOVE black nailpolish.Nope,its no longer a gothic/emo accossory.I started wearing it recently,and I sure have to admit it has a zing in itself and is a perfect example of how one accessory can change your whole look.Nope,you don't need to have purple shadows under your eyes to flaunt dark nails anymore.A total Ladida,eh?

#4 I'm a bit of a green lover and anything envoironment friendly.Nothing is as deadly as Mother Nature scorned.*Bites nails,scooby doo style*

#5 I used to be bit of an introvert,felt *negative vibes* from every second person,however thats changed now.Sure I like meeting likeminded people,but I believe that there are so many dimensions to a human being,the likemindedness is just apparent,and even two diametrically opposite people can get on well,given a chance and time.


#6 I have an amazing boyfriend whom I have known for almost my whole life( known him for 13 years,been with him for 2 :) ).He has to be the sweetest,nicest and the funniest guy ever,and he absolutely adores me,and the feeling is mutual :)

#7 I'm about to make a grand exit from my teens in a couple of years,but I'm still scared of the dark.

#8 I have the bestest bestfriend in the whole wide world,who sticks with me no matter what is as crazy as I am.We are quite a pair!We love to laugh,and sometimes for no reason O_o(Am I scaring you? ;) )


#9 I hate crowded places,and night clubs are a big no-no for me.I'd rather lounge around at home and have a few friends over to join in the fun.

#10 I am currently addicted to blogging and changing things around on my page.

Yep,thats me.Crazy,impulsive,talkative :D

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Chop chop! Have a nice day!

Drugs make you give up...


I found this while researching for my drug abuse project,amazing isn't it?There are so many of us grasped in the vice like grip of the little pills,what should we do? Ostracize them?
Quite the contrary.Be vigilent,a slip can happen at 14 or 45...
Prevent Drug Abuse.

iSpeak,uSpeak:Interview thing

Jo,at AMajority of Two had this interview thing going a couple of days ago.My blog,so far has been a meme free zone.But its going to change,for I decided to take up her offer of interviewing and being interviewed,but not in that order.I have to post my answers to five questions she put up on her blog,and if you want to do it too,consider yourself tagged...I'll be posting five questions for you at the end of my post.So here I go.

1. Have you ever been influenced by a work of art – music, painting, book – and if so, how?
The most romantic answer to this probably would be by music,but I'd have to say a book.The Odessa file by Frederick Forsyth.The Odessa File is a "thriller" novel , first published during 1972, about the adventures of a young German reporter attempting to discover the location of a former SS concentration-camp commander.
The name ODESSA is an acronym for the German phrase "Organisation der ehemaligen SS-Angehörigen", which translates as “Organization of Former Members of the SS”. The novel alleges that ODESSA is an international Nazi organization established before the defeat of Nazi Germany for the purpose of protecting former members of the SS after the war.(courtesy,dear wiki).This book was the first historical fiction I read,and it made me look at International relations in the modern world from a completely different point of view.
2. If you were a chocolate bar, what type would you be?
The type loved by one and all!
3. What is your secret weapon to lure the opposite sex?
Nothing works better than a good sense of humour.Coupled with the right attitude,it sure is a winner.
4. What, in your opinion, is your greatest accomplishment?
Greatest?Hm Okay.Should I be honest? or should I be good ?*winks*
For the majority of my teen years, I struggled with a weight problem,which if given a free reign could have had resulted in Juvenile diabetes(though at 18 I wouldn't consider it juvenile) and morbid obesity in future.But now I have tackled that monster,thanks to right excercise and a proper healthy fizzy-drink and junk food free diet.
5. How many friends do you have on your Facebook account?
I'm not that active on Facebook,it isn't a cult thing India,well I can't speak for a billion plus population,so I'd rather say the people I know anyway.To cut a long story short,not many.I'm much more of a Orkut person,and a couple of years ago I used to be a myspace adict.Besides,I only use SN sites to keep in touch with my friends,not for making new ones.I believe in actually going out and meeting people in person rather than with a screen and a thousand miles between us.Blogging,however,is a different issue...there are so many bright minds at work in the blogoshphere that its too good to resist!

Thats the end of it.You can answer these five questions or choose from the five I'm typing below.
1.Have you ever been through a wierd fashion phase?
2.To tackle the ever increasing problems like global warming,terrorism etc do you think that a World State would be more successful,or a confederation of states?
3.Say, some time in future we are so blessed that we can not only choose our friends,but also our family.For or against?
4.If you could have a career,other than what you have now,what would you like to be?
5.What are the things in your life that make you feel complete,the things which make you feel you don't want to be anybody but YOU?

Go play!

Thoughtless Thursday

Nothing blogworthy happened today.Well I'd be lying if I said that.The truth is,I'm just to lazy to write about it.LOL.A quick recap.

  • I made a headway with time and work problems.(argh maths!)

  • Gypsy(my dog) didn't chew any major miss-worthy thing today.

  • My friends said I look good in my new glasses.And they also said that my face looks more math worthy with the glasses(NOOOOOOOOOOOOO!)

Pish.And ofcourse,a blog makeover again.Summer.Thats my excuse for the light coloured template.heh!I don't know whats wrong with the three column templates I dig so much...they don't have unlimited flexibility to be customised,as blogger says,but then they aren't by blogger anyway.

Its almost 11 pm at my part of the world and my brain feels like a wrung sponge.Though I'd like to fall back into my bed and drift off to lala-land,I'm not ready to end the day yet.Geez,how wierd did that sound lol.Did you know that we spend almost 1/3 of our life sleeping?

I guess I would just get back to my book.

Yup,this would be sufficient to give me an adrenalin rush :)

So,what are you reading right now?


Summer is upon us at 22° 32' North 88 ° 22' East ,Kolkata, India,the world...okay thats it.Having lived in a tropical country all my life,summer is practically here for 3/4th parts of the year.December to February was a blessing,no heat, no sweat.Clear skies,sunny days yet you don't feel the sun burn your skin,just a gentle caress of warmth.And now its that time of the year again-whirring ceiling fans,frantically reaching for the remote to switch on the AC as soon as you get home and wishing that you could drown yourself in your bathtub.Mercury rising.As I try to wrestle my mind into the math problem in front of me and the errant mind tries as hard to drift off to Timbuktoo,here's what I'm dreaming of

Mountains,well I love 'em.But not as much as the sea.

Blue lagoon,the best chiller for a hot afternoon.Throw in a hammock and a good read.Ah,sweet,blessed heaven!

Vanilla,with chocolate sauce and nuts.I'm going nuts just by looking at it!

Message In a Bottle:Review


Currently my literary diet has been consisting of a lot of romance novels,beginning with A walk to remember by Nicolas Sparks.This bitter sweet romance convinced me to pick up another well known book of his, Message in a Bottle.

Theresa,a single mom embittered in love by a cheating husband finds a letter in a bottle,washed ashore by the waves on the beach.A letter straight from the heart,sensitive and so touching that it wasn't surprising that tears sprang to her eyes instantly .She shows the letter to her colleague,friend and confidante Deana,who convinces her to publish the letter in her parenting column.Theresa felt that a letter so personal shouldn't published but she grudgingly gave in when Deana insisted that it would be like a fresh breeze in a world where love is fast disappearing.The response to the letter turns out to br overwhelming,and she comes to know about two other letters by the same person.Her curiosity gets the better of her and with Deana's help she tracks down Garret,the author of the letters and flies down to Wilmington.

Garret had lost his wife a few years ago,and had known no greater love than love for his beloved wife,Catherine.To deal with his loss,he addressed letters to her,sealed it in a bottle and threw it overboard from his boat, Happenstance-a boat he and his wife had patiently rebuilt and hoped to sail off into the sunset or feel its hull touch European shores someday.This is when Theresa comes into his life,like an intoxicating autumn breeze and before he even realizes he is madly in love with her.

Things would have been rosy,had Theresa not been a mom.She was apprehensive whether Garret would accept the child and give him as much love as her son deserved.Garret on the other hand,is plagued by guilt.He felt that he was betraying Catherine by falling for Theresa,and he begins to have recurrent dreams of his wife,most of which ended with with her disappearing into a thick fog.Plus,Theresa was settled in Boston.She had a flourishing career as a columnist,whereas Garret had not known life outside Wilmington and big cities,the hustle the race for survival confused him.
Both of them knew,a time would come when it would be the moment of truth:Whose life would change completely?Who would be willing to give it all up?

Would their relationship survive the distance and the test of time?Would Catherine haunt their relationship forever?Find out.All you have to do is turn a few pages.


Top 5 things thats bugging me currently

| myspace graphic comments

Whenever I think of top somethings,it always reminds of my myspace days.But thats not really relevant here,unless I link it with the bandwidth bug(ger).

Annoying thing #1:
These days I'm doing a lot of blog hunting and I often come across blogs I would love to join.But Lo! Something comes happens to this icky pc of mine whenever theres an embedded comment box at the bottom and all I get after I've spent a minute and a half of putting relevant (and irrelevant) pieces of my thoughts into the box is "Error on page".Read:Your comment has not been posted and wouldn't be even if you go on pressing that little button a hundred times.Mighta well forget it mate.Gah!

Annoying thing #2:
My inability to stick to one single theme.Or template.Whatever you call it.I'm forever changing my templates on my blog,and thats not a good thing.Dad reckons its a sign that my sane days are numbered[???????]Is it just me?Please no.If anyone says no,I'll pat your head and give you a cookie.Really.Truly.Gah.Phooey.

Annoying thing #3:
I thought I had left math behind for good.But now that I'm preparing for an entrance test to college for law,I see that I have to start off with maths again because most questions in the paper would be Multiple Choice questions,having the probablity of more than one answer (in sections Logical Reasoning,Legal Reasoning) and you can only be sure about your math answers,because no math problem( the type we have anyway) can have more than one answer.I would probably spent the entire time cracking math,thats the subject I struggled with for the major part in school.Amd then there's the logical reasoning part. Some of which go like
All tigers are monkeys.All monkeys are pens.All pens are boats.Choose the correct conclusion:
A:No monkey is a boat
B All tigers are boats
The first day I marked all similar questions as C.Duh.How can a tiger be anything else except itself?At best it can be a big tiger,a Bengal tiger,a White tiger.But a monkey?
But guess what? The answer is B.Go figure.Apparently you solve these by drawing Venn diagrams.Some thing like this: myspace graphic comments

Are you still with me?Phew.Good :)

Annoying thing #4
My dog.He turned a year old yesterday,yet he is h*rny as hell.I love him and everything.He is oh so adorable.Especially when I come back home and he stares at me with eyes that seem to say "you are the centre of my universe".But I mean c'mon!
.Do you really have to crawl up my leg and hump ME? Or my favourite pillow?and I can't even go up to my dad.What do you I say ?"Hey dad,I think the guy needs to do it.Fast.Or he'll do me."

Annoying thing #5
The Bandwidth.The measley Bandwidth.I am stuck with our old pc,because of some technical impediments in our area,the telephone company cannot give us a new connection.If I surf through a few blogs,youtube or any heavy site (read flash sites,pages with a lot of graphics,etc) my bandwidth seems to canter off towards the Pole Star.

And I'm undecided on this one. An Earworm.Nope,I don't have icky slugs crawling outta my ears.Its this song,which has been going "Nanananan-nan-nana" in my head ever since I listened to it.I have this habit of song hunting on myspace and youtube,and often I have come across barely known bands thats I absolutely adore.But
this isn't by any barely known band.The song is So What by Pink.I'm undecided because I simple LOVE this song.It has a lot of spunk.Listen to it you'll know.Go ahead.I'll wait.

*Whistles tunelessly*

Hmmm,is it Nana-na-ing in your head yet?

A walk to remember:A review


A walk to remember by Nicolas Sparks might seem a lot like Love Story by Erich Segal,yet I believe this is amazingly better woven and lingers in your mind unlike very few other romance novels.

Jamie Sullivan is an oddity among her high school peers.She wears the same brown cardigan to school everyday,has been carrying the same withering Bible and wears her hair in that same boring bun.Nothing about her is remotely exciting.To top it all,she is the daughter of the town's Baptist minister,a strict disciplinarian.She has been a goody two shoes all her life and rich boy Landon Carter was least likely to fall in love with her.But in a twist of fate Landon finds himself without a partner for a school dance and though he never dreamt of having Jamie as a partner,he eventually does.Jamie doesn't turn out to be an exact bore,however he is scared to admit that to his friends,and most of all himself and eagerly denounces all his ties with her.But he finds himself unable to turn down a request Jamie comes up to him with .His friends laugh behind his back,life becomes intolerable and yet he choses to stick to his promise for a reason he seems to be clueless about.His days spent with Jamie are a sort of learning pageant for him.He comes to realise the happiness of giving,of loving and being loved back,of tiny things that make huge differences in lives of so many.

In Landon's own words,"When I was seventeen,my life changed forever.I know there are people who wonder when I say this.....

....My name is Landon Carter and this is my story;I promise to leave nothing out.First you will smile,and then you will cry-don't say you haven't been warned."

iRate-4 stars

A Ghost Story


Thats probably not the most innovative/interesting/attractive title I could have chosen for a post,but I promise you something good if you stick with me.

I don't know why we have to believe in something/someone who doesnot exist or does in another plane of existence when there are millions of births a day and a million things tangible to believe in .I really don't know.But I always have been a big a scaredy cat.For instance,I have never watched a horror movie alone,only with a room full of people and from behind a cushion.I would hide behind a tree if anyone shouts BOO.My fear stems from,not an absolute belief in Them,but the dubious question of a What if? on their existence.Boy do I sound like a loser.Them.Bah.Inspite of my fear for the unknown(in this case,ghosts,phantoms,spirits) I have always loved ghost stories.Though I know I'd probably need an escort to the washroom at night,I threw that to the wind.

During one such story telling session something weird happened.We ( me and my friends) were at another friend' house.We were twelve yearsold at that time and our friend's house is one of those big old colonial houses,few of which are left in South Calcutta.It had large airy windowsthe size of doors,the ceilings were extremely high,and each room was like a miniature ballroom.In short it was magnificent.We were in her room while she was narrating the history of that house,which was about a 100 years old and has been with her family for more or less the same time.We moved on to refreshments for a while and one of us was telling the story of a horror movie she had recently watched.As usual I was sandwiched between two of my friends,voluntarily ofcourse.When the horror movie story ended,talk turnedd to the house again.S,whose house it was,was telling us about the clattering in the attic,a room which looked itself at times and her grandmother.She was mostly brought up her grandma,and her demise a few months ago saddened her.She was saying for days after,she could feel her presence,like she was still there.One of us said that it was common when you lost a loved one.Our friend,S is an asthma patient and had trouble sleeping if a sleeping somebody's hand(or foot :D)landed on her stomach.She usually slept with her grandma,but after a few weeks she was sleeping with her mother.In sleep her mother's hand landed on her mouth and as if on cue soemthing heavy lifted her mother's hand off her face.This awoke her mother,and to be sure she tried to put her hand on S again,but something impeded the movement of her arm.At the end of this story,we sat astounded in a circle,when a loud Hmm reverberated through the room.It wasn't one of us.It
seemed the Hmm was meant to sound like "Yes,I know you are talking about me".And we fled the room screaming.

As if this wasn't enough.Another day we met at another friend's house and a few adventorous ones amongst us wanted to do a planchet.None of us were even sure how to do it,though everybody was interested,even me.All we knew that we had to concentrate and the spirit would communicate through a medium.Before P could say anything,we decided to call on her grandfather.Everyone sushed her.They thought that she was scared,and consoled her by saying that people who love us continue to do so even if they are not with us.Suddenly one of us
was speaking in a deep voice,not her own and her eyes seemed to be rolling back.She simply said"I miss my grand daughter",yet it scared the undigested roughage out of us.The good thing,however was it was over in a few minutes.We were breathless,perspiring,shaking and totally speechless.That was when P sputtered "but...bbbut my grandpa is alive!"

The medium was then buried under heavy blows from anything that could be found nearby!

People in General


GREAT PRESENTATION SKILLS ......= Able to B.S. a lot

GOOD COMMUNICATION SKILLS ......= Spends lots of time on phone

AVERAGE EMPLOYEE ...............= Not too bright

EXCEPTIONALLY WELL QUALIFIED ...= Made no major blunders yet

WORK IS FIRST PRIORITY .........= Too ugly to get a date

ACTIVE SOCIALLY ................= Drinks a lot

FAMILY IS ACTIVE SOCIALLY ......= Spouse drinks, too

INDEPENDENT WORKER .............= Nobody knows what he/she does

QUICK THINKING .................= Offers plausible excuses

CAREFUL THINKER ................= Wont make a decision

AGGRESSIVE .....................= Obnoxious

USES LOGIC ON DIFFICULT JOBS ...= Gets someone else to do it



HAS LEADERSHIP QUALITIES .......= Is tall or has a loud voice


KEEN SENSE OF HUMOUR ...........= Knows a lot of dirty jokes

CAREER MINDED ..................= Back Stabber

LOYAL ..........................= Cant get a job anywhere else

hmmm.really? Lol This is just a fun forward I dug out and it isn't meant to offend anyone :)