Thoughtless Thursday

Nothing blogworthy happened today.Well I'd be lying if I said that.The truth is,I'm just to lazy to write about it.LOL.A quick recap.

  • I made a headway with time and work problems.(argh maths!)

  • Gypsy(my dog) didn't chew any major miss-worthy thing today.

  • My friends said I look good in my new glasses.And they also said that my face looks more math worthy with the glasses(NOOOOOOOOOOOOO!)

Pish.And ofcourse,a blog makeover again.Summer.Thats my excuse for the light coloured template.heh!I don't know whats wrong with the three column templates I dig so much...they don't have unlimited flexibility to be customised,as blogger says,but then they aren't by blogger anyway.

Its almost 11 pm at my part of the world and my brain feels like a wrung sponge.Though I'd like to fall back into my bed and drift off to lala-land,I'm not ready to end the day yet.Geez,how wierd did that sound lol.Did you know that we spend almost 1/3 of our life sleeping?

I guess I would just get back to my book.

Yup,this would be sufficient to give me an adrenalin rush :)

So,what are you reading right now?


Ashley Paige said...

i like the new summery layout! maybe it will force to summer to arrive a little quicker? PLEASE?!! i can't take ANY more rain in these parts- I swear my backyard is turning into a muddy, swampy swimming pool!

and YAY for new glasses! (even if they do make you look more.. math-y! There's nothing wrong with that! Hah!)

Deb said...

I no longer read Stephen King because he scares the crap out of me! There, I said it!
Thank you for the recipe. It sounds lovely.

Miss_Nobody said...

I can switch places with you anytime Ashley,its summer all the year round here lol!And yep,I would would shamelessly say,my new glasses aren't that bad after all...heh..maybe I'll post a pic

Deb,Stephen king scares the cap outta me too,but at this stage when I'm dying from boredom,its...erm stimulating?oh well I'd say pretty darn acceptable heh.And happy cooking!