Message In a Bottle:Review


Currently my literary diet has been consisting of a lot of romance novels,beginning with A walk to remember by Nicolas Sparks.This bitter sweet romance convinced me to pick up another well known book of his, Message in a Bottle.

Theresa,a single mom embittered in love by a cheating husband finds a letter in a bottle,washed ashore by the waves on the beach.A letter straight from the heart,sensitive and so touching that it wasn't surprising that tears sprang to her eyes instantly .She shows the letter to her colleague,friend and confidante Deana,who convinces her to publish the letter in her parenting column.Theresa felt that a letter so personal shouldn't published but she grudgingly gave in when Deana insisted that it would be like a fresh breeze in a world where love is fast disappearing.The response to the letter turns out to br overwhelming,and she comes to know about two other letters by the same person.Her curiosity gets the better of her and with Deana's help she tracks down Garret,the author of the letters and flies down to Wilmington.

Garret had lost his wife a few years ago,and had known no greater love than love for his beloved wife,Catherine.To deal with his loss,he addressed letters to her,sealed it in a bottle and threw it overboard from his boat, Happenstance-a boat he and his wife had patiently rebuilt and hoped to sail off into the sunset or feel its hull touch European shores someday.This is when Theresa comes into his life,like an intoxicating autumn breeze and before he even realizes he is madly in love with her.

Things would have been rosy,had Theresa not been a mom.She was apprehensive whether Garret would accept the child and give him as much love as her son deserved.Garret on the other hand,is plagued by guilt.He felt that he was betraying Catherine by falling for Theresa,and he begins to have recurrent dreams of his wife,most of which ended with with her disappearing into a thick fog.Plus,Theresa was settled in Boston.She had a flourishing career as a columnist,whereas Garret had not known life outside Wilmington and big cities,the hustle the race for survival confused him.
Both of them knew,a time would come when it would be the moment of truth:Whose life would change completely?Who would be willing to give it all up?

Would their relationship survive the distance and the test of time?Would Catherine haunt their relationship forever?Find out.All you have to do is turn a few pages.



Penelope said...

Okay, so I'm super interested in reading this book, now! It sounds like the perfect book for me right now. Great review!

Miss_Nobody said...

you should its great!and thanks

StandTall-The Activist said...

This sounds like a must read book