Kiss and tell

I have been tagged to spill it,ten useless facts about myself that ya'll could live without knowing.Aparajita(di),dropped a line and made my day as I was racking my brains to come up with a good post today.Easy way out,eh?That too on my favourite subject-ME! My day can't get any better( or I guess it could,it could rain,you know,37degree C is too unbearable for words.)Now, to go ahead with the seemingly endless stream of tittle tattle thats going on in my head,

#1.I love reading.This isn't a secret,never was and if you look around my page for a while you would have deduced it yourself,without all the hum-ho of rocket science and me typing it out on a noisy keyboard.So,thats a premise.Nothing implied.Here's the secret part,I'm an impulsive shopper when it comes to books,I'll pick up any book if the little paragraph thingy on the back seems interesting.Not all of them have turned out to be good reads,but the goodreads outnumbers the eggs 100 to 1.Labyrinth by Kate Mosse is one such buy,and I loved it.

#2 I love fantasy.I love Harry Potter,Eragon,Bewitched ( does anyone remember that show?Samantha was a witch married to a human and they have a little witchlet called Tabitha?),Charmed,all of it,books ,movies, tv shows are equally appealing to me.Anything paranormal is supercool.

#3 I LOVE black nailpolish.Nope,its no longer a gothic/emo accossory.I started wearing it recently,and I sure have to admit it has a zing in itself and is a perfect example of how one accessory can change your whole look.Nope,you don't need to have purple shadows under your eyes to flaunt dark nails anymore.A total Ladida,eh?

#4 I'm a bit of a green lover and anything envoironment friendly.Nothing is as deadly as Mother Nature scorned.*Bites nails,scooby doo style*

#5 I used to be bit of an introvert,felt *negative vibes* from every second person,however thats changed now.Sure I like meeting likeminded people,but I believe that there are so many dimensions to a human being,the likemindedness is just apparent,and even two diametrically opposite people can get on well,given a chance and time.


#6 I have an amazing boyfriend whom I have known for almost my whole life( known him for 13 years,been with him for 2 :) ).He has to be the sweetest,nicest and the funniest guy ever,and he absolutely adores me,and the feeling is mutual :)

#7 I'm about to make a grand exit from my teens in a couple of years,but I'm still scared of the dark.

#8 I have the bestest bestfriend in the whole wide world,who sticks with me no matter what is as crazy as I am.We are quite a pair!We love to laugh,and sometimes for no reason O_o(Am I scaring you? ;) )


#9 I hate crowded places,and night clubs are a big no-no for me.I'd rather lounge around at home and have a few friends over to join in the fun.

#10 I am currently addicted to blogging and changing things around on my page.

Yep,thats me.Crazy,impulsive,talkative :D

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Chop chop! Have a nice day!


Anonymous said...

Nice to get to know you and black nail polish is magic.

That Girl said...

ahaha i read labyrinth too :] it is indeed a good read.

Ashley Paige said...

Thanks for tagging moi! i PROMISE i will get to posting some random facts ASAP! I have a serious book-buying problem and it's ALWAYS based on that tiny paragraph on the back page! Too funny.. And you're right! They don't always turn out as good as they sound!! i HATE when that happens!

CAC muffin said...

oh my gosh thank you so much I can't wait to post about this award tomorrow! Ps i too love bewiched!

Miss_Nobody said...

Bookpusher:It really is wizard isn't it?
Rhian:Oh I love how she co-ordinates the past and the present
Ashley:I would love to know you better!,And,don't you just hate it when the books you buy dodnot measure up to the exciting thingy on the back?
Crystal:Go,ahead,would love to know you better!!