Top 5 things thats bugging me currently

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Whenever I think of top somethings,it always reminds of my myspace days.But thats not really relevant here,unless I link it with the bandwidth bug(ger).

Annoying thing #1:
These days I'm doing a lot of blog hunting and I often come across blogs I would love to join.But Lo! Something comes happens to this icky pc of mine whenever theres an embedded comment box at the bottom and all I get after I've spent a minute and a half of putting relevant (and irrelevant) pieces of my thoughts into the box is "Error on page".Read:Your comment has not been posted and wouldn't be even if you go on pressing that little button a hundred times.Mighta well forget it mate.Gah!

Annoying thing #2:
My inability to stick to one single theme.Or template.Whatever you call it.I'm forever changing my templates on my blog,and thats not a good thing.Dad reckons its a sign that my sane days are numbered[???????]Is it just me?Please no.If anyone says no,I'll pat your head and give you a cookie.Really.Truly.Gah.Phooey.

Annoying thing #3:
I thought I had left math behind for good.But now that I'm preparing for an entrance test to college for law,I see that I have to start off with maths again because most questions in the paper would be Multiple Choice questions,having the probablity of more than one answer (in sections Logical Reasoning,Legal Reasoning) and you can only be sure about your math answers,because no math problem( the type we have anyway) can have more than one answer.I would probably spent the entire time cracking math,thats the subject I struggled with for the major part in school.Amd then there's the logical reasoning part. Some of which go like
All tigers are monkeys.All monkeys are pens.All pens are boats.Choose the correct conclusion:
A:No monkey is a boat
B All tigers are boats
The first day I marked all similar questions as C.Duh.How can a tiger be anything else except itself?At best it can be a big tiger,a Bengal tiger,a White tiger.But a monkey?
But guess what? The answer is B.Go figure.Apparently you solve these by drawing Venn diagrams.Some thing like this: myspace graphic comments

Are you still with me?Phew.Good :)

Annoying thing #4
My dog.He turned a year old yesterday,yet he is h*rny as hell.I love him and everything.He is oh so adorable.Especially when I come back home and he stares at me with eyes that seem to say "you are the centre of my universe".But I mean c'mon!
.Do you really have to crawl up my leg and hump ME? Or my favourite pillow?and I can't even go up to my dad.What do you I say ?"Hey dad,I think the guy needs to do it.Fast.Or he'll do me."

Annoying thing #5
The Bandwidth.The measley Bandwidth.I am stuck with our old pc,because of some technical impediments in our area,the telephone company cannot give us a new connection.If I surf through a few blogs,youtube or any heavy site (read flash sites,pages with a lot of graphics,etc) my bandwidth seems to canter off towards the Pole Star.

And I'm undecided on this one. An Earworm.Nope,I don't have icky slugs crawling outta my ears.Its this song,which has been going "Nanananan-nan-nana" in my head ever since I listened to it.I have this habit of song hunting on myspace and youtube,and often I have come across barely known bands thats I absolutely adore.But
this isn't by any barely known band.The song is So What by Pink.I'm undecided because I simple LOVE this song.It has a lot of spunk.Listen to it you'll know.Go ahead.I'll wait.

*Whistles tunelessly*

Hmmm,is it Nana-na-ing in your head yet?


That Girl said...

nothing wrong with changing your page alot. keeps it fresh and interesting.

Miss_Nobody said...

eh,thanks :)

Aparajita Bhattacharya (Administrator) said...

Nice one. If you take care of the typographical errors, you could become another famous one in Blogsville. Seriously.
Btw, the Frangipani review was actually by Aishani, somehow it got posted in my name, so I deleted it and asked her to re-post. Will you please leave another comment when she does that? Thanks.

Miss_Nobody said...

Oh,sure I would do that and Thanks,thats means a lot to me:)