Summer is upon us at 22° 32' North 88 ° 22' East ,Kolkata, India,the world...okay thats it.Having lived in a tropical country all my life,summer is practically here for 3/4th parts of the year.December to February was a blessing,no heat, no sweat.Clear skies,sunny days yet you don't feel the sun burn your skin,just a gentle caress of warmth.And now its that time of the year again-whirring ceiling fans,frantically reaching for the remote to switch on the AC as soon as you get home and wishing that you could drown yourself in your bathtub.Mercury rising.As I try to wrestle my mind into the math problem in front of me and the errant mind tries as hard to drift off to Timbuktoo,here's what I'm dreaming of

Mountains,well I love 'em.But not as much as the sea.

Blue lagoon,the best chiller for a hot afternoon.Throw in a hammock and a good read.Ah,sweet,blessed heaven!

Vanilla,with chocolate sauce and nuts.I'm going nuts just by looking at it!


Sonja Chandrachud said...

That's such a neat post!!! Gosh wish I cud get my hands on that hammock, blue lagoon and just hang loose!! Fantastic!!!

Miss_Nobody said...

Ha!Tempting isnt it?!

Penelope said...

Oh, this post is so tempting! Believe it or not, it's snowing here in Utah...again! It shouldn't be, because it's April, but after three days of hot sunshine, the weather has gone back to the rain and snow. Wishing I were there!

CAC muffin said...

ohhhhhhhh how i long for warm weather

Miss_Nobody said...

Penelope,snowing wow (yes its wow for me who hasn't seen snow EVER)
CAC muffin,you are welcome to visit India anytime,we have summer for all most 3/4 of the year :D