Return of the shadow writer

I'm back to unleash another literary hee-haw on you good people,might ruffle a few feathers,but really I want your honest opinion.Now that my reader base is not really protozoan,I can hope to get some feedback,I guess.
Disclaimer:This is not pointing a finger to any single community,or belief,this goes out to all those trigger happy selfish senseless monsters who tend to hide behind The Big Guy as an excuse to for their every unjustified spread of horror and crimes,through the ages.
The Confessions of a dangerous man
In the name of God
We kill, In the name of God
Power we wield-
Power,to destroy
every Caste and creed,save ours
But chose not to show the sun
To a leaf,inside that seed.
In the name of God
We were forbidden to play,
Forbidden,to be happy,even for a day!
In the name of God
We were taught to fight,
We have borne the burden of gunpowder
All our life.
Flight of a canon,be music to our ears-
Toys of the less ambitious.
In the name of God
We were told to shoot
A sister between her eyes;
Then we hanged her brother,
And killed someone else's wife.
In the name of God
We accomplished everything-all
In one night
But now I'm surrounded by these walls
Grey and foreboding- I pray frantically,
Who else? To God
But He doesn't answer my calls.
Though I'm twenty, I know this is it-the
Twilight of my life.. Memories,sharp
Go back to the day i heard
Them Speak "In the name of greed, we fight
Fresh minds to warp we seek,
Pawns,to accomplish our deeds."
Plagued by thoughts
Now I am,
Is it too late-
To be honest,good or kind?
In the name of God,
Believe me I tried!
But in the name of greed,
They turned me-
Into a poisonous ivy.
Been a while
Since i saw light,
Felt the wind in my hair,
This is my muse-
Name it if you want-
Call it anything, Anything,
But The Confessions of a Dangerous man.

This is to everyone out there who needs to learn that there is a difference between being literate and being educated,the difference between patriotism and terrorism.God isnt up there getting a kick out of your handiwork.I didn't say Your God.Or my God.I said God.Can you spot the difference?

Awards and some rantdi-doodle-doo


This month it was raining awards for me,and thats a totally good reason to head over to the freezer for that Mocha brownie Fudge,isn't it,isn't it?Regardless of the now,you must have realised if you have been reading me,that the mocha thing is MAH thing,I never get tired of it,neither eating nor bantering about it.Now,back to the award.Honest scrap.Wow.Me?I'm not really the next Harish Chandra,but I see that it pays(not just the moolah,talk about love) to speak your mind.I really appreciate this award,given by Little Ms blogger.Thank you!!Cookie hailstorm for ya!!

“The HonestScrap award comes with a caveat or two. Firstly, you have to tell your readers ten things about you they may not know, but that are true. Secondly, you have to tag 10 people with the award.”

I have done a lot of tags lately, similar ones,so I'm not really going to bore you with bragging about how awesome I am(bah!),you can do that by reading me(heh!) or by clickety clicking here. But by the end of the post,I might have something that could make you go awww/bahahaha/reminiscing about your days as a shrimp/etc.

And now I'm giving away this award to these AWESOME people,whom you SHOULD read.

  • Jo at A Majority of Two ( she calls it her boring little blog,but head over and you'll know,bah,boring?!)
  • Rhian at So here we Are( Her take on life,relationships,and more)
  • Avada Kedavra at Stung by the splendor of a crazy thought (The more I read her,it seems like hey!I know this person!She seems so!)
  • Lilu at Liv it,Luv it ( If you don't piss your pants from laughing while going through her blog,then there's something seriously wrong with you)
  • Crystal at Shortbread (Her updates are the cutest!Read her for all things sassy and fun!)
  • Bookpusher at the Genteel Arsenal (an awesome book blog and all things life
  • Sharazad at The Dangerous Pages Review(she has a taste for all things forbidden,apart from the usual, when it comes to reading)
  • Sonja at humour bytes (Live a little,laugh a lot.Her take on life in a small west Indian town,truth and learning through experiences.)
  • lovely prism at Bewitched,Bothered and Bewildered (she has the coolest way to classify her mood,with exactly these three words.Aw-sum!)

You must be wondering how this pic would remind you of your days as a shrimp.But thats because we are not at the end of the post yet..You know what this pin reminds me of?Lawyers.Sharp,shiny,intelligent,annoying when they get under your skin,literally and figuratively.And now,you MUSt be thinking why this sudden shift of is something I have been thinking about for a while,and now I have to spill it.I havent met many lawyers,but the ones I have met annoyed the hell out of me,especially their habit of turning every convo into a courtroom debate,and every statement you make must have a counter statement,even if you say "I am thirsty",they will probably find a way to make you feel guilty for feeling so.This isn't meant to offend anyone,I'm just worried.If,IF,thats a thousand questions raised,get into a law school(now that I have finished High school),would I turn into this prickly porcupine too?ARGH! :(

On a happier note,look what I dug out(and yes you are almost there,but don't get your hopes high,its not much...)

Yours truly,all of four years.Typical Leo,huh?


Ta,folks.Have a nice day!

Tag love

| Crystal at shortbread.You should seriously visit her blog,its the cutest ever.It's always a pleasure to visit her.And the best part? I have a loyal reader in her,wooohooo!
I love tags,gives me an excuse to talk about my favourite thing,you-know-who!!
1. Mention the person who nominated you (above).
2. List six unimportant things that make you happy
3. Tag six blogs, state the rules & notify them with a teeny comment on their blog.

Six things that make me happy:

Catching up with old friends

Books!Shelves,and stacks of them!

Comments on my posts.*Cough cough* Grinz!

The tv show Friends,watched the reruns a million times but I'm addicted.Wonder if I should get them on Dvd.hmmm...

Icecream.Mocha Brownie fudge!!

Good quotes

and Rain!!

I now tag..

Lovely prism at Bewitched,Bothered and Bewildered

Avada Kedavra at Evanescent Thoughts
Andy at Reflections
Rhian at So here we are

Happy weekend!

New Look!

You must have realised that as soon as you went clickety click and landed thmpety thump on my is it?

Picture by Bob.Fornal at Flickr
I HEART my new look,er,the blogy's new look I mean

Thing is,I found this template after a whole lot of searching,trying on atleast 20 more and rejecting them,as is the norm.It may be a tad PINK,okay a lot,but really,truly I love this one.Look around for a bit,shower some love on my furry friend,and come back soon!

Have a nice day!

I always love a good quote


"Trees are the earth's endless effort to speak to the listening heaven"-Rabindranath Tagore..

"The planting of trees is the least self-centred of that we do.It is a purer act of faith than the procreation of children"-Thornton Wilder

I'm feeling very green today,heh!So,thats it, plant a tree,save your sinning a*s,siddle into God's good graces and communicate with the Big Guy at a lower cost. :)

Do I hear you scuffling for seeds?Atta,boy girl people!

Bringing down the heat


Q:What did the hurricane say to the coconut tree?

Ans:Hold on to your nuts,this is going to be one hell of a blow job!

Yep,thats what it was,and thats what dipped the mercury.Summer,in Kolkata is a pain in every citizen's royal behind,thanks to the humidity and the temperature has been soaring in the last week of April.Endless sunny skies,clear days may sound and look lovely, but if you get out,you'd probably be back in a box,shrivelled and dehydrated.Ugly! ugh!What makes summer bearable is MANGOES,but no sign of them,ripe ones anyway.So,thats what we have been experiencing,due east,even walking to the fridge and back seems like a hike up the mountains.Yep,you feel THAT lethargic.Unless the storm came along.A breather....

In India,we call them Nor'westers,Kalbaishkhi in Bengal and Mango showers in Kerala,as they help in the growth of the mango crop in the state.These are local storms which bring down the heat,and are especially looked forward to around this time,when the monsoon is still a few months away and rain is the only thing which can reign in the Heat monster.Yesterday was like any other summery Sunday-hot,dry ,the blinding sunlight filtering in through the windows and heating up the rooms like a furnace,parched trees with birds hanging onto the gnarled branches,too tired to call out.It was around 3 pm in the afternoon when the temperature began to drop,steadily and the sun was soon dismissed by thick,DARK,angrylooking clouds which swirled and made their way to every corner that was bright and sunny.This may pose to be a forboding picture,but actually it was one of relief and the temperature dropped a few more degrees as the storm broke and brought with it sweeping rain,falling in crystal sheets.With that came the wondeful,earthy smell of wet soil,of vegetation,a rarity in the concrete jungle of our city.This isn't one of those storms which dampens your mood,but uplifts it,rejunavates you instantly and you'd love it even if it upturns your umbrella,blows it away and leaves you soaking in your office formals .In short,it was a total Ding-di-ding!Its effect is still being felt today,the sun isn't too strong,the temperature not too high and there is still a bit of that dark grey streak on the horizon.Not losing hope,hope it rains,no pours today too!

Apart from that,something else made me happy too.

Yaaay! Another Award! From Sharazad at The Dangerous Pages Review,that too for speaking my mind.Thank you so much,Sharazad! :) Its always a pleasure to visit you!You should really visit her blog too,one which believes in speaking its mind and is as undaunted as they come!You'll love her!

I love pandas!I love blogging!I love awards!And most of all I love loving,and being loved back!

The Wall of life


I love my Krushers!


The Boyf

Love looks like..

Debut of the shadow writer

Shadow Writer: A term coined by Miss_Nobody to mean all those literary fledglings whose works have never seen daylight,mainly to refer to herself.The dumb egg arrogant rascal lazy lulu she is,she refuses to google it,to confirm its existence and is bent on claiming it as her own discovery.As if this wasn't enough,she enjoys refering to herself in the third person.On her blog.For the whole world to see.

Okay! Enough!Sorry folks,the shadow writer in me got the better of me and finally convinced me to post one of my poems,and looks like you have to bear with my literary hee-haw today .Oh,pretty please,don't navigate away!

Here it comes...

Dream Again

I dream a dream
Of silver seas;
Of Fast disappearing mountains
And trees,
Unto nothingness-
That mankind shall ever see.

I dream a dream
Of a world,
Where children are brought up
To shoulder responsibilities,
Instead of guns;where
Peace would reign
Instead of war,
And a dispute wouldn't
End with the
Funeral march of another!
I dream a dream
Of shedding that tag,
Old and frayed-
"Third World",which read;
Of clothing on my countrymen's
backs,food for the stomach,
Not for thought-
Above all,a country,and a world-
In every sphere,well read.

I dream a dream
Of being a faithful daughter,
To my country,my mother and my father,
Of being a loving wife,a doting mother
And a patient friend-
Laughing with them in the golden days,
holding their hands,coursing down
Downtrodden Lanes-
Of being a jubilent lender of
Happiness,a dauntless
Borrower of their pains.
What your heart aches to do,
your dreams make you see-
If I want to fly,ski,
Be crowned queen-
I may so,in a dream!
Dreams maybe pretty,
Dreams could be a farce-
But what would you do
If crystal dreams
shatter like broken glass?
Think not,fear not-
If you shall keep your conscience clean
And pillow soft,
Rest assured,that you shall sleep again,
Fear not for you shall dream again!
Sooooooo,what say you?Love it?Hate it?Aww,c'mon spill it!I want your honest opinion even if its that you want to dearly whack me over the top of my head for wasting your really,keep 'em coming!

I got an Award!!!..drinks on the house,err,which ever house you're in!

Oh boy! Look what I got!

"The Let's be Friends Awards stands for this: These blogs are exceedingly charming. These kind bloggers aim to find and be friends. They are not interested in self-aggrandizement. Our hope is that when the ribbons of these prizes are cut, even more friendships are propagated. "

My very first award!This is absolutely wizard!My first reaction was Blistering Barnacles!Yep,old man Haddock's signature phrase is my particular favourite too!This was given to me by Bookpusher at the Genteel Arsenal,an amazing blog about books and and all things life outside the covers.Head over for some great reviews!Thank you SO much :) This means a lot to me.

I'm an old netizen,but am new to Blogsville,and yet blogging has turned out to be an AMAZING experience.In the past few months I have discovered a number of great blogs I love visiting-book blogs,personal blogs et al.I love reading about your lives,your loves-your hates,your experiences and inexperiences,triumphs and follies,falling down and getting up again and I love sharing mine with you.

And I feel honoured to give this very special award to:

Rhian @ So here we Are-HER space on blogger,she speaks her mind and wouldn't give two hoots if you don't take to her Mothology,but she's a lovely person to connect with.

Sonja @ Humour bytes,an awesome columnist and an even better friend.Her posts make my day,they all come dipped and well coated in humour,sugar,spice and everything nice!

Sharazad @ Dangerous Pages Review.Head over for all things lit.You'll love her!

Penelope @ Life's Sweet Passions- An adorable blog about all things life :)

Crystal @ Shortbread.Her's is the cutest blog ever!

Budh.aaah @ we even cry the same way-my poet friend :)

Ashley @ I love you more than carrots.I love her Flashback friday posts!

"At the shrine of friendship Never say die, Let the wine of friendship never run dry." - Les Misérables (Jean-Marc Natel & Alain Boublil )

Edit:You need to pass it on to eight other bloggers :) Have a great weekend!