I got an Award!!!..drinks on the house,err,which ever house you're in!

Oh boy! Look what I got!

"The Let's be Friends Awards stands for this: These blogs are exceedingly charming. These kind bloggers aim to find and be friends. They are not interested in self-aggrandizement. Our hope is that when the ribbons of these prizes are cut, even more friendships are propagated. "

My very first award!This is absolutely wizard!My first reaction was Blistering Barnacles!Yep,old man Haddock's signature phrase is my particular favourite too!This was given to me by Bookpusher at the Genteel Arsenal,an amazing blog about books and and all things life outside the covers.Head over for some great reviews!Thank you SO much :) This means a lot to me.

I'm an old netizen,but am new to Blogsville,and yet blogging has turned out to be an AMAZING experience.In the past few months I have discovered a number of great blogs I love visiting-book blogs,personal blogs et al.I love reading about your lives,your loves-your hates,your experiences and inexperiences,triumphs and follies,falling down and getting up again and I love sharing mine with you.

And I feel honoured to give this very special award to:

Rhian @ So here we Are-HER space on blogger,she speaks her mind and wouldn't give two hoots if you don't take to her Mothology,but she's a lovely person to connect with.

Sonja @ Humour bytes,an awesome columnist and an even better friend.Her posts make my day,they all come dipped and well coated in humour,sugar,spice and everything nice!

Sharazad @ Dangerous Pages Review.Head over for all things lit.You'll love her!

Penelope @ Life's Sweet Passions- An adorable blog about all things life :)

Crystal @ Shortbread.Her's is the cutest blog ever!

Budh.aaah @ we even cry the same way-my poet friend :)

Ashley @ I love you more than carrots.I love her Flashback friday posts!

"At the shrine of friendship Never say die, Let the wine of friendship never run dry." - Les Misérables (Jean-Marc Natel & Alain Boublil )

Edit:You need to pass it on to eight other bloggers :) Have a great weekend!


That Girl said...

:o congrats

and yay ^.^

Miss_Nobody said...

Thank you ^_^

Sonja Chandrachud said...

Wow!! this is my first award!!!! You just made my day!! Cheers!!!

budh.aaah said...

Awww thanks buddy. Thanks a ton, I appreciate it more since it comes from you. lotsa love

Miss_Nobody said...

*big grin* Me pleasure! I love you guys :D