Return of the shadow writer

I'm back to unleash another literary hee-haw on you good people,might ruffle a few feathers,but really I want your honest opinion.Now that my reader base is not really protozoan,I can hope to get some feedback,I guess.
Disclaimer:This is not pointing a finger to any single community,or belief,this goes out to all those trigger happy selfish senseless monsters who tend to hide behind The Big Guy as an excuse to for their every unjustified spread of horror and crimes,through the ages.
The Confessions of a dangerous man
In the name of God
We kill, In the name of God
Power we wield-
Power,to destroy
every Caste and creed,save ours
But chose not to show the sun
To a leaf,inside that seed.
In the name of God
We were forbidden to play,
Forbidden,to be happy,even for a day!
In the name of God
We were taught to fight,
We have borne the burden of gunpowder
All our life.
Flight of a canon,be music to our ears-
Toys of the less ambitious.
In the name of God
We were told to shoot
A sister between her eyes;
Then we hanged her brother,
And killed someone else's wife.
In the name of God
We accomplished everything-all
In one night
But now I'm surrounded by these walls
Grey and foreboding- I pray frantically,
Who else? To God
But He doesn't answer my calls.
Though I'm twenty, I know this is it-the
Twilight of my life.. Memories,sharp
Go back to the day i heard
Them Speak "In the name of greed, we fight
Fresh minds to warp we seek,
Pawns,to accomplish our deeds."
Plagued by thoughts
Now I am,
Is it too late-
To be honest,good or kind?
In the name of God,
Believe me I tried!
But in the name of greed,
They turned me-
Into a poisonous ivy.
Been a while
Since i saw light,
Felt the wind in my hair,
This is my muse-
Name it if you want-
Call it anything, Anything,
But The Confessions of a Dangerous man.

This is to everyone out there who needs to learn that there is a difference between being literate and being educated,the difference between patriotism and terrorism.God isnt up there getting a kick out of your handiwork.I didn't say Your God.Or my God.I said God.Can you spot the difference?


That Girl said...

oooh an interesting take on things. in a sense it's like rather than observing things from a distant point of view it takes on the persona of the dangerous man, as well as incorporating your views.

It's interesting how some societies are all in favor of a loving God who would not condemn war, and yet at the same time go about killing people in the name of that same God.

thought provocking poem :)

Flep said...

Very deep.

I like how you take the enormity of a problem which to many people is often rather detached and place it in a rather more personal context for the speaker's outlook.

Very important message to portray, and nice to see no specific religion was the target :] It helps when authors think about how things can be misinterpreted before posting

Keep up the good work :] (Sorry for the clutter from deleting old comment and recommenting, but I despise my own typos and couldn't see an edit button s: )

ZiLliOnBiG said...

very thoughtful, i agree with ya.tC:)))

lovelyprism said...

A very nice job of putting feelings into words that I don't usually express myself so well. I hope you don't receive negative feedback, it's a good perspective.

Miss_Nobody said...

Rhina:mhm,I hoped it would
Flep:Thanl you,and no problem,even I have done stuff like that,annoying eh?
Zillion Big:Thank you for visiting!
lovelyprism:I hope so too,and thank you! :)

CAC muffin said...

oh course you can! Its been a quote that has give me great strength lately! :)

Miss_Nobody said...


LiLu said...

"Can you spot the difference?"

If only more people could...

Love this!

Sucharita Sarkar said...

A poem which takes us to the heart of evil, wherein I believe, lies a lot of confused emotions.

Anonymous said...

hey great gal.. u r so good at poetry! this was really good one with such a nice message in it.. hope all the u-know-who get educated in this aspect and stop the killings of innocent people..

Anonymous said...

btw ur new theme is too simple.. I liked the previous one better

Miss_Nobody said...

Thank you!!Yes,Im planning a makeover soon heh

Hemish said...

Terrifying how religion can be abused for perpetrating heinous acts!! I cannot comprehend these people. Very well written!!

Anonymous said...

That was a really lovely piece of writing, very effective. An important topic that is really hard to come to grips with, trying to comprehend the incomprehensible.
I have only just had the chance to really catch up on your blog and wanted to say hi. Keep on writing.

Miss_Nobody said...

Hemish:Religion,Faith everything has just become a tool,not someone to turn to in turbulent times,it has just become an excuse to pave hell.Sigh

Bookpusher:Glad to have you back!

Sonja Chandrachud said...

I like the way your thoughts weave emotion with such ferocity....keep penning!!