Debut of the shadow writer

Shadow Writer: A term coined by Miss_Nobody to mean all those literary fledglings whose works have never seen daylight,mainly to refer to herself.The dumb egg arrogant rascal lazy lulu she is,she refuses to google it,to confirm its existence and is bent on claiming it as her own discovery.As if this wasn't enough,she enjoys refering to herself in the third person.On her blog.For the whole world to see.

Okay! Enough!Sorry folks,the shadow writer in me got the better of me and finally convinced me to post one of my poems,and looks like you have to bear with my literary hee-haw today .Oh,pretty please,don't navigate away!

Here it comes...

Dream Again

I dream a dream
Of silver seas;
Of Fast disappearing mountains
And trees,
Unto nothingness-
That mankind shall ever see.

I dream a dream
Of a world,
Where children are brought up
To shoulder responsibilities,
Instead of guns;where
Peace would reign
Instead of war,
And a dispute wouldn't
End with the
Funeral march of another!
I dream a dream
Of shedding that tag,
Old and frayed-
"Third World",which read;
Of clothing on my countrymen's
backs,food for the stomach,
Not for thought-
Above all,a country,and a world-
In every sphere,well read.

I dream a dream
Of being a faithful daughter,
To my country,my mother and my father,
Of being a loving wife,a doting mother
And a patient friend-
Laughing with them in the golden days,
holding their hands,coursing down
Downtrodden Lanes-
Of being a jubilent lender of
Happiness,a dauntless
Borrower of their pains.
What your heart aches to do,
your dreams make you see-
If I want to fly,ski,
Be crowned queen-
I may so,in a dream!
Dreams maybe pretty,
Dreams could be a farce-
But what would you do
If crystal dreams
shatter like broken glass?
Think not,fear not-
If you shall keep your conscience clean
And pillow soft,
Rest assured,that you shall sleep again,
Fear not for you shall dream again!
Sooooooo,what say you?Love it?Hate it?Aww,c'mon spill it!I want your honest opinion even if its that you want to dearly whack me over the top of my head for wasting your really,keep 'em coming!


budh.aaah said...

How cool is this eh. I mean you come out of the blue with a poem and its amazing seriously you are good girl. way to go.

SkyLarK said...

A real good one :)
it's high tym 4 ur poems 2 see daylight....keep dreaming! :)

Miss_Nobody said...

Thank you so much :D!!This means lot to me

Little Ms Blogger said...

Typically, I'm not a fan of poetry, but really enjoyed what you wrote.

I think you should bring the writer out of the shadows....

That Girl said...

i love how it goes from being generally speaking to being personal :D
i real good poem there :o

lovelyprism said...

I'm not a big poetry fan, mostly cuz I just don't get it LOL. But I liked it :-) And BRAVO for being brave and putting it out there for the world to see.

Sonja Chandrachud said...

What a wondeful, evocative poem...absolutely Loved it!! Looking fwd to many more!!!

Flep said...

Very moving, deep and noble, as well as well written :] Really shows how people should live to ideals.

Keep writing :]

Miss_Nobody said...

wow,positive feeback!thats encouraging.Thanks everyone!This actually encouraged me to post more,and I will!

Anonymous said...

A really good one this was :) expecting more poems from u

CAC muffin said...


Miss_Nobody said...

This is doing great for my confidence *yaaay* Thanks everyone!!