New Look!

You must have realised that as soon as you went clickety click and landed thmpety thump on my is it?

Picture by Bob.Fornal at Flickr
I HEART my new look,er,the blogy's new look I mean

Thing is,I found this template after a whole lot of searching,trying on atleast 20 more and rejecting them,as is the norm.It may be a tad PINK,okay a lot,but really,truly I love this one.Look around for a bit,shower some love on my furry friend,and come back soon!

Have a nice day!


sayrem said...

lukin grt :D
i changed my template too..

lovelyprism said...

I like it :-)

Anonymous said...

yooo..I love it.. proper girlie template :-) keep this template.. its cute

CAC muffin said...

I tagged you in my blog!

Anonymous said...

first time here ... your blog looks beautiful ... Blog On !!!

Hemish said...

Nice One. i am tired of trying blog templates too.. so i just returned back to default ones..

Miss_Nobody said...

sayrem:thanks for visitng!
Lovely prism:thanks
Avada Kedavra:Oh,yes!!I'm loving this!
Crystal:THANK YOU!! and I LOVE tags.
Harsh:Magical me?enchanting.Your blog is amazing too
Hemish:I considered,then this came along