"O horror, horror"


Okay! I got great news.Today I returned after a three hour long vernacular paper,glad that it was the weekend when the dental newsreader on tv that the talibans were making their move towards a part of Pakistan.The first thing i noted was her nonchalant attitude,like it did'nt matter that the Frankestein US created is about 430 kms from India's border,closer than Lucknow is to Delhi,and that in a few years probably we would be told by turbaned fiends when to sh!t and whom to marry.?Are you jubilent yet?Are you ready to give up your rights?Do you want soldiers on street corners,watching your every move and now,do you still think its OK to lounge around at home in dirty boxers on election day?
The Part of Pakistan the talibas have taken over is a mini Afghanistan already.They have banned girl children from school,banned any modes of entertainment and declared capital punishment for all violaters.They have started selected killing of artists.
It is this we are looking at if nothing is done,10-15 yrs from now...or maybe sooner>>

After years of war destroyed housing, many people in Afghanistan's cities are living in tents, public buildings or ruins. The palace of the former king, Mohammad Zahir Shah, in Kabul is among the destroyed buildings.

Time you got yourself a dictionary

The Confessions of a dangerous man

In the name of God
We kill,
In the name of God
Power we wield-
Power,to destroy every
Caste and creed,save ours
But chose not to show the sun
To a leaf,inside that seed.

In the name of God
We were forbidden to play,
Forbidden,to be happy,even for a day!
In the name of God
We were taugh to fight,
We have borne the burden of gunpowder
All our life.
Flight of a canon,be music to our ears-
Toys of the less ambitious.

In the name of God
We were told to shoot
A sister between her eyes;
Then we hanged her brother,
And killed someone else's wife.
In the name of God
We accomplished everything-all
In one night

But now I'm surrounded by these walls
Grey and foreboding-
I pray frantically,
Who else? To God
But He doesn't answer my calls.
Though I'm twenty,
I know this is it-the
Twilight of my life..
Go back to the day i heard Them
"In the name of greed, we fight
Fresh minds to warp we seek,
Pawns,to accomplish our deeds."

Plagued by thoughts
Now I am,
Is it too late-
To be honest,good or kind?
In the name of God,
Beleive me I tried!
But in the name of greed,
They turned me-
Into a poisonous ivy.

Been a while
Since i saw light,
Felt the wind in my hair,
This is my muse-
Name it if you want-Call it anything,
The Confessions of a Dangerous man.

This is to everyone out there who needs to learn that there is a difference between being literate and being educated,the difference between patriotism and terrorism.God isnt up there getting a kick out of your handiwork.I didn't say Your God.Or my God.I said God.Can you spot the difference?

A thought of four lines


Harbouring dreams of conquering all,
Mephistopheles made him sell his soul;
Chateaus,villas and Porsches,
Nurturing a pile of ashes among the roses..

This is in context of a story I wrote,but i guess it applies to most of us in a lot of ways especially those who suffer from separation anxiety when their blackberries lie a foot away,those who are glad that they don't have the time to "stand and stare" and a few others who have forgotten how it was to be 12 years old.Them and a lot more.