"O horror, horror"


Okay! I got great news.Today I returned after a three hour long vernacular paper,glad that it was the weekend when the dental newsreader on tv that the talibans were making their move towards a part of Pakistan.The first thing i noted was her nonchalant attitude,like it did'nt matter that the Frankestein US created is about 430 kms from India's border,closer than Lucknow is to Delhi,and that in a few years probably we would be told by turbaned fiends when to sh!t and whom to marry.?Are you jubilent yet?Are you ready to give up your rights?Do you want soldiers on street corners,watching your every move and now,do you still think its OK to lounge around at home in dirty boxers on election day?
The Part of Pakistan the talibas have taken over is a mini Afghanistan already.They have banned girl children from school,banned any modes of entertainment and declared capital punishment for all violaters.They have started selected killing of artists.
It is this we are looking at if nothing is done,10-15 yrs from now...or maybe sooner>>

After years of war destroyed housing, many people in Afghanistan's cities are living in tents, public buildings or ruins. The palace of the former king, Mohammad Zahir Shah, in Kabul is among the destroyed buildings.


Aparajita Bhattacharya (Administrator) said...

Interesting post, but too short. You arouse the reader's interest, but don't exactly satisfy their curiosity. Readers would definitely like to know more about your opinions on this matter.
P.S. I'm really gratified you found our blog interesting enough to follow. Thank you.

Miss_Nobody said...

mhm thanks for the comment,i'll try to elaborate later :D

p.s:i love ur blog!

introspection said...

Very eloquent read, but a bit piecy. It's for US to crush and finish the Talibans even if it means another country gets wiped out. The Bush regime took more cognizance of the non existant WMDC in Iraq than the Dangers of Taliban staring in every ones face. If some thing is not done right away the big bomb in Pakistan (perhaps already with the Talibans by now) will blow up nations. Clear danger lurks too close to India.

Miss_Nobody said...

i don't know why,i just dont second american intervension,however thats just me.