Time you got yourself a dictionary

The Confessions of a dangerous man

In the name of God
We kill,
In the name of God
Power we wield-
Power,to destroy every
Caste and creed,save ours
But chose not to show the sun
To a leaf,inside that seed.

In the name of God
We were forbidden to play,
Forbidden,to be happy,even for a day!
In the name of God
We were taugh to fight,
We have borne the burden of gunpowder
All our life.
Flight of a canon,be music to our ears-
Toys of the less ambitious.

In the name of God
We were told to shoot
A sister between her eyes;
Then we hanged her brother,
And killed someone else's wife.
In the name of God
We accomplished everything-all
In one night

But now I'm surrounded by these walls
Grey and foreboding-
I pray frantically,
Who else? To God
But He doesn't answer my calls.
Though I'm twenty,
I know this is it-the
Twilight of my life..
Go back to the day i heard Them
"In the name of greed, we fight
Fresh minds to warp we seek,
Pawns,to accomplish our deeds."

Plagued by thoughts
Now I am,
Is it too late-
To be honest,good or kind?
In the name of God,
Beleive me I tried!
But in the name of greed,
They turned me-
Into a poisonous ivy.

Been a while
Since i saw light,
Felt the wind in my hair,
This is my muse-
Name it if you want-Call it anything,
The Confessions of a Dangerous man.

This is to everyone out there who needs to learn that there is a difference between being literate and being educated,the difference between patriotism and terrorism.God isnt up there getting a kick out of your handiwork.I didn't say Your God.Or my God.I said God.Can you spot the difference?