Chasing Harry Winston


The event that i look forward to every year MORE than my birthday,more than anything else is The Bookfair.I was there as usual,with my dad, backpack,well on my back,playing the impulsive shopper(when it comes to books).I picked up a dozen, any book lover would drool over *smug look* including two books by Orhan Pamuk,Arvind Adiga,Amitav ghosh and lots more.I also picked up Chasing Harry Winston by Lauren Weisberger though i didn't like The devil wears prada much,neither am i sucker for diamonds or the colour green.So yea.I finished it in one and a half days,and though I'm not much into chicklit,I have to say this book is a fun read. I have always wondered why the books,which are most hyped (mostly) don't turn out to be that good.take for instance Love Story by Erich segal.Its so cliched! I liked acts of Faith,a lesser known book by him much more.Same for The Da Vinci code.Angels and demons was a whole lot better(not that the da vinci code was bad,it was good no doubt).
Back to Chasing Harry Winston.Its about three best friends Leigh,Adriana and Emmy.

Leigh has a perfect job,a pefect life,a perfect fiance,but she she only happens to like the idea of perfection,not when perfection is handed to her in a platter.

Emmy has recently been dumped,a serial monogamist at heart,her friends advice her to whore herself out,loosen up and just have fun till the crows feet claw their way through the fun. Will she do it? Find out!

Adriana.Hot,Brazilian and rich.A little spoilt,not much bratty,easy to men,her best friends and eventually a magazine editor who gives her a break.

I say again, this is a fun read,nothing intense,but I'm guessing most girls would like it :D In the midst of my Isc preparations,this made good for a bit of light reading.

iRate:4 stars


Blonde Bookworm! said...

Hi there! I am really glad you found my blog because I enjoy reading yours so much :)

Blonde Bookworm! said...

ps. Thanks for the reading suggestions!

Miss_Nobody said...

no problemo,i love your blog too its soooo sweet and especially the comics you post along with it :D
thanks for stopping by :D

budh.aaah said...

Hi miss nobody, you are doing great for a 'nobody' :)

Aparajita Bhattacharya (Administrator) said...

Nice post. But if you picked up Aravind Adiga's The White Tiger, I feel sorry for you. It was such a disappointment. I'd really like to read Sea of Poppies, but I haven't got hold of that book yet.

Miss_Nobody said...

@bud.aah,thanks! :D

Aparajita, it that bad?!bummer...was looking forward to reading it after the exams.

Miss_Nobody said...

@budh.aah again,i wanted to comment on a lot of your posts cos i enjoy reading your blog so much, but all i got was error on page