Miramar beach,Goa.December 2007
South Goa,December 2007
Making his presence felt,
Summer is here,shuffling his feet at the gate-
Faraway dreams of faraway places


Blonde Bookworm! said...

Ah those pics are sooo nice - what I would do to take a walk on the beach... Anyways hope your week has gone well!

Miss_Nobody said...

thanks,just felt like posting them hehMy week was okay,I was wondering where you were tho :) Glad to have you back.Thanks for stopping by :D

Harish said...

Hope I didnt offend you by my comments on 'slumdog millionaire'. If so that wasnt the intention.

Deb said...

lovely shots...can summer be far away?

Miss_Nobody said...

Harish,your comment on slumdog millionaire wasn't posted,so i don't really know :)
Deb,thanks :) Nope summer isn't really that far.
Thanks for visitng everyone :)