Somebody,ANYbody sound the bell

People who gracefully move from one phase of life to the other are the true artists.I,however,am a moper,a whiner,and tend to cling to the days bygone.The last day of our school passed months of ago with much celebration,signing yearbooks and teary goodbyes.

A friend on orkut posts pictures of us in school yesterday and here I am,getting strangely nostalgic.Hence this post.The fights,makeups,jokes,hanging the underdogs and then feeling guilty about it later,teasin',being teased,new crushes,still crushing or trashing old ones,all of it.I miss it all.The worst part*gulps* is leaving my friends behind...many of us are leaving the city to attend college elsewhere.I hate it when the only contact left with old friends are an ocassional email,a text message or a scrap in orkut.People who could tell, at just a glance, whether ur down in the dumps,harbouring a secret or trying hard to supress an ecstatic bit of tidbit inside you are reduced to people who call you once a year to wish you on your birthday.Or worse. Being incomunicado with these amazing people I have known my whole life is a pain I would find hard to bear.Yea,boo hoo.School life,me thinks, is a mould any cookie would hate living out of.

This is it,
The twilight of
My decade and a half of sheboleths;
Now I'm free to go anywhere,
But Teacher won't you
Tell me to
Clip my nails and
Plait my hair..


budh.aaah said...

Oh God I hated school and here you are so nostalgic that suddenly I am feeling weepy and thinking about my school days..or rather life as it used to be then..

Miss_Nobody said...

i guess its different for everyone,but i sure will miss my good old days :)