Pet wows


As a little girl I always wanted a furry little friend of my own.But I was always bombarded with a thousand excuses not to have a pet around what with both my parents working and me going off to school and all.ord all.But I ranted and and cribbed and my parents got me an aquarium and I had a lovely time pressing my face against the glass and watching the little things frolicking around with a little flick of their tails.It was lovely to see an entire ecosytem thrive in a glass box.They didn't need all that looking after like a dog or a cat and we were all happy.But one unfortunate morning I woke up to see that the aquarium had leaked and all my fishes were long dead.Since then I hadn't had any more pets.But a year ago my dad came home with a large box nd this is what he had inside! <

Gypsy at 21 days

The first few months were tedious...he was always hungry and did his stuff all over the place!But it was all worth it.The best part is when you come back home after a hard day at work or school( yes,you CAN have a trying time at school too :P) and you are greeted with a VERY wet lick and a look that says "I missed you,you are the centre of my universe."Its been almost a year and he grew up so fast.When dad brught gypsy home, I didn't realise that I was going to have a dog and a lamb all rolled into one.Kinda like that puppy you see in the Vodafone adds,only not half as smart lol.He would prefer chewing my sock instead of bringing it to me.When he was teething he chewed our new remote,a twenty rupees note ,which I recognised by the perforated half a face of Mahatma Gandhi(!),my new ballerina slippers,cushion covers and what not.But its all worth it when you are having a nightmare and the little one gives you yet another lick,a nudge of his wet nose and rests furry his furry head on your feet.aww,the cuteness.

My little boy,Gypsy
They just need a li'l lovin'
And theywill love you right back
Young or old,Fat or thin


That Girl said...

awww adorable :)

budh.aaah said...

Yeah I know what you are saying. I once lived with a ( she is long gone now though comes back to haunt me everyday in my thoughts) a beautiful and gentle soul who was a tibetan apso lhasa mix. If you have seen those cute furry apso furballs, then she was exactly like that only a lot bigger. Hope to post her snap sometime.

Miss_Nobody said...

That girl, mhm...the epitome of cuteness lol :)
budh.aah,Nope, I haven't seen one of those but I surely do look forward to see her onyour blog.Its a sad thing though,I don't know what I'd do without him *shudders*

SkyLarK said...

wooh! it's gone so big!!! dnt say shre is still scared of it...