An open letter


Dear Ms. Rowling,
I hope this letter finds you in excellent health and peace of spirit and mind. This has been stashed away at one corner of my hard drive for weeks now, and its like being six again, writing to Santa, except that there is no speculation about your existence.
I have known Harry and his friends for nine years now, so you could say I practically grew up with him.It was such fun! My copy of Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s stone, a Bloomsbury edition, made its way into my hands on my 10th birthday.It was around 2000 that you can say that “Potter Mania” hit me and my friends and we have been ardent fans ever since.I finished the four books in about 2 months, but had to wait for the fifth one since it was not out yet. Those were the days! We would scrounge the internet for possible teasers, rumors ,took book quizzes the results of which were proudly emailed off to friends, a sort of invitation to a challenge- “Who knows potter better”,which of course were eagerly taken up J.
It was around 2002 that the first movie released.Obviously, me and my friends had booked the tickets in advance and showed up an hour earlier,eagerly waiting for our favorite storybook character to come alive. That was a landmark day for us,you could say.Though we became instant Dan Fans, we remained loyal to the Harry between the pages too.At this point it may seem that we ate,drank,slept and talked Hogwarts, which is not entirely false,for we did.Time and again we had wished for a Lumos,Reparo(that one time when I broke my mom’s favourite china dinner plate), a pepper up potion(whenever we caught a deathly cold), a wingardium Leviosa or even an Avada Kedavra! Mars bars and Hershey’s no longer interested us, we ached to loot Honeydukes!!
When all those years we had to wait for the next book to come out, we used to hate it.We couldn’t wait to read more, see more and discuss more Harry. Now a year has passed since I read the last book and ironically, I crave for that wait which used to annoy me so much. It still hasn’t sunk in that there wouldn’t be any more new stuff to read about the Trio.New adventures of Harry and Voldemort now live in a few good fanfictions I found on the net. Now and again I come across a headline “Rowling says she would write for adults next” and “New adventures from Rowling to hit bookstores”…all of these have been nothing but disappointing and disheartening rumours.
I have grudgingly come to accept that there wouldn’t be no more about Harry.I guess I could live with that, but the moot point of this letter is that I,we,all of your fans around the world want more from you,even if it isn’t about Hogwarts. Create magic for us again!!
For more reasons than one,you are my hero!!!You are the best muggleborn sorceress ever!!
May our wands stay sharp!
With tons of hope in my heart,
Yours truly,


Madhu Gopalan said...

Very sweet post :) I'm going to direct my sister to your blog - She's a Pottermaniac :)

That Girl said...

haha HP FTW
bahaha we need the new harry potter film to come out NOW so twilight fans remember where the whole fantasy fiction craze started and will go back to wanting to be a witch and not a vampire :]

Miss_Nobody said...

Madhu, thanks!!I would appreciate more readers :) and a potter maniac at that!
That Girl,HELL YEAH!I mean i like twilight too,but its NOTHING compared to hp!!potter is my first love lol

Anonymous said...

Lovely post I hope J.K. sees it. It is amazing to think you guys literally grew up with Harry. I too prefer Harry to Twilight.
I really liked your post on social networking, smart and funny, Ilook forward to reading more.

sush said...

Hey, I'm the sister :)

I'm a total Pottermaniac've now got me thinking about a Potter-post for my blog :)

Jo said...

Hear, hear! The world is not the same without Harry Potter. :-)

budh.aaah said...

I love the potter magic that Rowling created and wish she would weave some more of the same.

Miss_Nobody said...

Thanks for commenting ya'all :D The world really isnt the same without the boy who lived
Sush,Go ahead,I would love to read

SkyLarK said...

yesh!!!! those were sum Potter-days of ours....

Anonymous said...

cute post.. even I miss those potter days badly.. :( I remember how I wud keep browsing thru the fan forums searching for any kind of info on the about-to-be-released potter books..and I got my 7th book at 12 night and dint getup until I had completed reading it :D