One to many

Worry meters tipping high
A thousand thrills,
A thousand chills;
Won't lie,
Won't say I don't have a clue,
I have what you call
Exam blue(s)!

Lousy attempt at poetry heh!but yea,my exam starts in a week and my head is about to explode!My attention span is so less, and I'm getting easily distracted,thats the last thingthat should happen NOW!

Lashkar Alert:Let has 320 cities of the world on their hitlist,20 from India itself.So,the next time you go out, carry a box with you.You never know what they might bring you home in.Happy living!:D
Don't blame me for being pessimistic,or overly sarcastic...This bit of news put me in a vile mood!

There's a horde of upcoming movies that I'd love to watch.Okay,not a horde but 2 lol.(Now this makes my mood milder)

Firstly,Valkyrie staring Tom Cruise, which is a historical thriller based on world war II,and as usual all things WWII(and WWI,or in general hitorical thrillers) drive me crazy :D!

Valkyrie Trailor

...And secondly Delhi6,a Rakesh OmPrakash Mehra( Rang De Basanti fame) film. Rang De Basanti was brilliant and i have probabl watched it a hundred times over and am still not tired of it.One of the biggest reasons being that only once in a while comes a Bollywood film this good. I Calcutta times says not to expect another RDB,but let the film sink in.Ok.I promise to be good :D