Kiss and tell volume 2

So yes,I have been tagged again,this time by Avada Kedavra,to post 7 secrets about meself,yup thats what this is all about.In an earlier post, I spilled ten random and pretty much useless facts about myself in the post Kiss and Tell.But this isn't all about my darker side,wait till you get to the end of the post :)

#1:I only LOOK sweet and innocent.When provoked,I throw all demureness out of the window and can put a hardened truck driver to shame.Yep,eww-haw.

#2 I can't stand people who can't/ don't handle books properly.I think twice before lending someone one of my books,I have learnt it the hard way,yessir!I have had some of my books misplaced(gasp),mauled (double gasp).Don't you just hate that?If that makes me selfish,oh yea I'm the Queen bee of All Selfish Bitches Association.

#3 I hate sitting with my back to an open window.I'll jump if you say boo.I'll hide under the nearest table if the branches sway or the leaves rustle.You get the picture?I'm the biggest scaredy cat you'll ever meet!

#4 I've had a crush on my bf since first grade,and I've been earnestly denying that,so shhh. Lol.

#5 I am what you'd call a shadow writer.Yep, I invented the term,right here.Lalala.Hm, so whats a shadow writer?One whose writing has never seen daylight.Which,is me.

#6 I have never been to a bar/nightclub/lounge(*gasp*) wait I have been to a lounge,so yes.But here's the saver,I'm underaged,and thats all I have got lol.

#7 I have always wanted an older sister,the warm and fuzzy kind,y'know? Not the bossy,"I'll tell mum if you so much as even breathe" kind.Any takers?I promise not to read your journal,or dunk my face in your compact and a hug guaranteed everytime you feel down.I'll even make you a latte,choco mint or berry blast,you pick :D

iTag: Bookpusher @ The Genteel Arsenal (I loved your post on The graveyard book.Anything vampire rocks my socks!)

Sharazad @ The Dangerous Pages Review

Sonja @ Humour bytes

Lilu @Liv it,Luv it

Remember what I told you about reaching the end of the post?Yaay you made it,now lookie

Thats the best *beat the heat* strategy I could come up with,going over the top with the pixie look,which sorta makes me look like Dixie poop...with hair like this,I don't beat it,I WHACK it.


budh.aaah said...

Hi you r lookin cool. Havent been here for a long time now. take care

That Girl said...

ooo looks good :]

Miss_Nobody said...

budh.aah welcome back,I had some problems posting on your page
Rhian: thanks! I wasn't too sure lol

Sonja Chandrachud said...

Thanks for tagging me!!BTW....really love ur blog very boho...u must sign up with, larger audience! Howz the piercing? Twitter is freaking me out (dont like too much) u?

Miss_Nobody said...

No problemo~and thankie!!Me appreciates it:D about bigadda...Really?should check it out...the piercing is NOT cool its still oozing icky stuff ew lol Twitter,isn't much useful,took me long enough to know it lol

LiLu said...

Aw, thanks darlin. And uh, yeah, that "looking innocent" thing? I know exaaaactly what you mean. I love surprising people... ;-)

CAC muffin said...

I love it!
ps I hate when i let people borrow books that i love and they don't even read them and then LOSE them! RUDE haha

Anonymous said...

Hi love the haircut by the way, I do the same thing, sometimes I decide to make an effort to be a bit more girlie and grow out the haircut but every summer i just get fed up and get it cut short again.

Just wanted to let you know I have passed on an award to you and finally done the seven secrets. Loving your posts, happy blogging.

Miss_Nobody said...

Lilu:gimme a five!
Crystal:I HATE people who do that geez I go nuts if any of my books are returned in a bad condition or not returned at all grr!
Bookpusher:Yaay,so glad I can finally post on your blog!!and Thank you SO much

sharazad said...

I have revealed seven secrets and I have an award for you.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for completing it :) guess what. #2 holds for me too which means that we both are equally selfish.. hehe.. and even I used to wish for #7.. I wanted either elder bro or sis since I have none :(