I'm so Holey,see Giddit?


Yep thats right i got my piercing!
My uncle,who is a doctor did it for me with a surgical needle that looked like a fishing hook.Kinda like so...(ow)The shiny thing went inside my nose,I almost considered backing out when I felt it go through one layer,and then two and then the come out of the top of my nose,and I almost wept with relief.And if you are wondering whether it hurt or not,well ofcourse it did.But not much.Here's a crazy thing-Unlike your ear which keeps on burning after it has been pierced,the pain stops after your nose has had its newest hole.That's because it doesn't have as much nerves(ha!) as the ear.So,its pretty much okay,just a bit sore.And getting it done by a doc is always the best.
Just waiting for my nose to heal so I can do something like this...

and my current favourite thing to do is...

you got it!Twirl the string!I name this pic EXTACY!
This was on my wishlist for a long,LONG time.Whats on yours?wha-?Jus' askin'.
Image courtesy:Yahoo