Mistaken belief

I had lots of ridiculous ideas as a kid,most of them mistaken beliefs and somehow I never went for clarification as the clarifications came to me themselves,and I was happy that way.But SOMETIMES,I made a fool of myself,it didn't seem so bad then,but now urgh *cringe*.

Stupidity stunt #1 When I was 5 without all the good details of marriage,I declared that I wanted to marry my brother.This appalled our neighbour,my grandma sushed me,my dad cracked up.I was puzzled,I was only told that you don't marry your brother.Why ever not?I didn't dare ask.Pah.What good is half a knowledge,eh?

Stupidity stunt #2 :Age 5-8,I believed et al was just a misspelt version of, ate all..

Stupidity stunt #3:I had a lot of confusion regarding where on earth we lived,like yes,really WHERE,inside,outside-and I didn't believe when I was told that we were hanging.I always thought that we lived INSIDE,that you had to make one big hole to take a long drive to space.I think Newton,Copernicus,ate all just died again.

Stupidity stunt #4: I never had any questions regarding where babies came from.However,I was smart enough not to let the world know that I didn't know at a family dinner.I was never curious,I just saw it as natural as you eat you shit-you get married and you get a baby.I was strong believer of the Eat-then-Shit theory,I never knew there could the alternative -the Vending Machine Theory.
So thats it,now you know-I'm the unchallenged queen of stupid.Anyone care to give me company?


ZiLliOnBiG said...

you have a company. I was on a quest for knowledge so much that, i intensely pondered over how babies are formed. Later i concluded that after marriage, once you kiss on the lips, a woman gets pregnant.

I once asked my Mom whats Nirodh, after watching Doordarshan ads.

I was convinced rains are formed when gods sprayed water to clean the earth.

lovelyprism said...

My Dad was a cop and we called his various partners through the years "Uncle" and then whatever the current partner's name was. I was probably 15 years old before I realized I didn't have an amazing number of Uncles who just happened to be cops. I thought my Dad had a LOT of brothers. LOL

That Girl said...

heh heh
my mum used to call me and my sister characters out of fairytales; so i thought my mum had wrote the stories x]

Anonymous said...

hehee.. good one.. I had heard someone talk about valentine's day and my dad made me believe that its just celebrating Mr.Valentine's bday and everyone in school laughed at me later..

seanag said...

Miss Nobody,

Well, I must take exception to the idea of your wanting to marry your brother being stupidity. I remember when my two year old nephew wanted to marry me. I was amused, yes, but also took it as a high compliment. We did a little circle dance, which apparently signified marriage in his mind and that was it. Honestly, adults can be so obtuse at times. Marriage is a high ideal, adults mostly wreck it, but why shouldn't kids be able to define it as they want?

Came over from Sucharita's blog, by the way. Just curious. Good choice on the prize.

sush said...

Haha :) :)

Very cute post :)

Aparajita Bhattacharya (Administrator) said...

I guess all of us are stupid when we are kids, and no, it definitely doesn't seem so bad at that time, but it does make you cringe when you think of those stupid, stupid things you did. And I'm afraid I can never be as candid as you were in this post.