Around the world in 80 days

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You know back in the days when people used to write on scraps of paper,roll them up,put them in a bottle and listen for the plink as it hit the ocean surface?What were they thinking?Was that the beginning of blogging?To get your ideas across from coast to coast,albeit time consuming,but someday some stranger might come across your thoughts and know that you were ecstatic one summer afternoon. Today we have it easier-one click and your thoughts are up there to be read and,commented,criticised and agreed with.Cool?Oh,yes.

I’m taking part in Michael’s book event in which he has sent out a copy of Around the world in 80 days,which is traveling from blogger to blogger to return to him at the end of 80 days.Unique isn’t it?Click here to read his post on it.

It started off with Peter in Phillippines who passed it on to Bookpusher(Sharon),my wonderful bloggy friend and patient reader who has an awesome book blog, in Australia and now she is passing it on to me.Thank you for choosing me Sharon,this is indeed exciting!And the best thing about you?You never forget to put a word or many about me and my and posts when you mention me,which means A LOT .I’m glad you enjoy my blog will try harder to keep you entertained.*HUGS*.Click here to read her post and see the wonderful pictures she put up of herself with her daughter and their dog Lily near a sign with distances to all the famous cities in the world.
This is something I wish to pass on to Sharon-the blog buddies award given to me by Avada Kedavra.( or the amazing Ashwini).You two have a lot more coming :)So do many of my other bloggy friends.I'm hosting an award ceremony soon,stay tuned,for the mo' I have these for you.
To get back to what I was saying,this is the first time I’m taking part in anything of this sort,and I’m actually thrilled.The heights which science and technology can reach!The world is becoming just one big neighbourhood.Its amazing!
What do you think about this book event?Shouldn’t there be more of these going on?I thinks its absolutely awesome!
Oh and I need to pass this book on to another blogger,if you are interested please email me at .

Have a great weekend!


Shankar said...

wow..its really cool... i firs thought it was about the jackie chan film..around the world in 80 days... but this seems interesting... award ceremony soon..good..good...

rimz said...

awww...very nice one...:)
kip bloggin

Anonymous said...

Thank you for the Blog Buddies. It is cool that we can connect all over the world.

sharazad said...

This is a really neat idea- too bad I can't participate. I'm moving soon...

Anonymous said...

It is wonderful to discover your blog through Sharon. Thank you so much for taking part in the book's journey. It will be fantastic to see the book when it comes back again after being all over the world. Vivienne in the UK is looking forward to having the book stop there on its journey - please let me know if you have already settled on the book's next destination. I will email you today as well.

Miss_Nobody said...

Bookpusher:You are welcome,its awesome eh?
Sharazad:Aww thats too bad,I really wanted to send it to you,but thats okay,maybe some other time
Michael:Thank you for visiting,this is really a unique thing,and I'm happy to be a part.I haven't decided my next stop,so i'll be glad to send it to Viviene.

Anonymous said...

That's really cool.. too good girl.. and you deserve many many more awards!! :)