An essay

This was something i scribbled in about 15 mins in our last english paper.But it made to the *selected essays* booklet our english teacher decided to publish (no biggie,just for keeps in the school library so it is.
The world is yet uncivilized
Imagine. You - a thirty something woman approaching a mall. It has revolving glass doors.You are about to enter when there is nothing but excruciating pain,a part of your face feels numb, probably your nose, you are sitting on something hard and cool-metal? No. But it shines.The floor of the mall, you realize.But were you not outside- about to enter?But your sitting near the door.Inside the mall.Your purse lies some ten paces away and there’s a group of people staring at you like you sprouted another head.But you see no hand,and you would like to get up-and you do so on your own,collect your purse when you see a teenager in her early teens.Jaws in motion, multitude of piercings, expensive shades-probably Gucci,pulled up and holding her hair away from her face. “Should’ a seen it coming ,Aunty”, a nasal drawl, Jimmy Choo stilettos clicking away. You instantly realize that your four year old’s vocabulary is better.She knows a five letter word – SORRY.
Man is going to the Moon, and Mars, has dreams of colonizing other planets if possible, yet man plants bombsin his own planet, gets fiendish pleasure in seeing his fellow beings suffer.Animals are not living beings, they are to be ogled at the zoo on weekends and kept shut up in a cage in a high tech laboratory.As civilized as man tries to become, the more he goes the other way.The introductory experience is just on the micro level,on the macro level it’s the era of globalization, of rockets, of ipods and super computers- and a world where man still gets the primitive pleasure of establishing supremacy by force. Man has the gift of the gab, the intelligence to incorporate more than a few foreign languages, yet his voice box fails him when he has to apologise.
Man has been nurtured by Mother Nature ever since his birth,depended on her for survival and stands on his feet on metal roads instructing to cut down forests for yet another flourishing metropolitan city.In a way, man is running in a circle,the more he advances,he gets closer to the beginning-the former beginning was a better one,easier to construct his future upon and the beginning that is to come is fractures.Nothing can be steady when its foundation is not steady.But it would be wrong to say that humane qualities have ceased to exist,that man is but a wild beast,an intelligent one at that.but what reflects the society is the majority.the majority drives the civilization to the Jurassic Age, not physically, but mentally. That is why man never thinks twice before stoning another, verbally or physically. The I.T hubs would still be there,a hundred more surely, but man will not be himself, his insecurity would drive him to insanity and his vaulting ambition to be one of them at the Serengeti. Man has been growing intelligent no doubt, but he has been shedding morality at the quest for knowledge.At this rate,he would soon be an inanimate encyclopedia, not a thinking,talking and socializing being.The era of globalization opens up one country to another,but man withdraws himself more to the point, that at one point in time Isolation would be his best friend.
But neither the back of a criminal’s mind nor the darkest night is a fathomless black. The heart of a lily, or that of a do-gooder is not a dazzling white either. Its always darkness and light, ‘yin’ and ‘yang’-but not the same shades of gray always, there exists colours. One may not always see the easel or paint brush but too see the world as it wants to be seen one can surely wish for a kaleidoscopic vision next Christmas.


SkyLarK said...

that was one heck of a writing!!! u rock at expressing urself big tym!! No wonder it made it's way to dat booklet....u rock gal!!! (a pat on the head :D)

Miss_Nobody said...

eh.. thanks :) miss your pats :D