The Kiterunner

I read this book a few weeks ago and for the next few days i could do nothing but let my fingers do the tango on the keyboard and learn everything i could about the situation in Afghanistan and the author. This book is bound to twang ur heart strings and there are few books as unputdownable as this. You just can't, WOULDN'T , stop till you reach the very last page.I don't think anything i say would be enough to justify this amazing read, so i better stop going about it, it just wouldn't be fair enough. This is something you'd wish to gift everyone and get them fall for it and then scramble over to lay their hands on Khalaed Hosseini's second piece of amazing literature "A Thousand Splendid Suns". These books were, as a matter of fact, books of Realisation for me. To think, we fight for so little, narrow down our thoughts to US ,and sometimes to those who matter to US, but beyond that... nothing.Kaput.Finito. To think that we sit for chai and samosas [or at latte and brownie for the CCD loyalists :) ] and so sagely nod our headsand say "Desh tar r kichu hobe na".This country is doomed. But few care to do anything about it. Nowadays its hip to say " I am apolitical". I say its a shame to say so! I don't say it from the perspective of someone who has a metre square of tarpauline to call home nor as daddy's pretty princess who has never worn nothing but Mango,Gucci, Diesel et al. I speak As an average 18 year old, who goes to school in an auto and once in a while watches movies at multiplexes,enjoys phuchka as much as that gourmet dinner at Mainland CHina. Its not cool to take your country for granted. Its not okay to sit home on election day and watch ur favourite chick flick. People all over the world are fighting for the basics we get as our birthright. Some things ought to be realized before its too late. Some rights ought to be exercised before they are not yours anymore.
If i ever meet Khaled Hosseini, i'd genuflect! To learn about the author and the current situation in afghanistan,just google it or visit