Indecisiveness,rain and back again


I have had a major change mind,yes,AGAIN.I know you wish to hang me upside down and pretend that I'm a pinata,but really I assure you,this was the final swing.I solemnly swear that though mostly I'm upto no good,I'll be loyal to this blog of mine.A new blog DIDNOT work wonders,and I felt incredible pangs of guilt for abandoning her(yes she is my girl).Mama missed you,Mama may pave hell with you,dress and undress you as frequently as possible,publish her nincompoopery though you,but,always remember Mama loves you *sniff*.

So yes,once and for all,the Final Verdict is:Miss Nobody is to strictly restrict her shoutouts,thoughts and litery nothings within thepages/posts of this,and THIS blog only or she farted at.So there.


Its been raining continuously the past three days,don't get me wrong I love it when it would too,if you lived where its summer for more than nine months or just for the sheer raininess of it *heh*.I always love a good pour,and thats what happens here in Kolkata,East India...we even have a saying "It never rains,but pours in India(well the parts where it rains anyway)". This rain might ease the drought situation that was to arise,and would largely makeup for its failure to arrive at the expected time.I bet the farmers are doing their bit of Jingalala, and so are we since the rising price of food (grains as well as vegetables) was not a matter of celebration at all.
But enough is enough already!I love to sit back at home with a good book and a steaming cup of coffee(black) watching the rain lash at the windows and later at the twilight of their intensity watching them slow to a drizzle and fall in light crystal sheets.But,I don't have the scope to take off whenever I want since college started and I do not appreciate the slush and being pressed against wet smelly strangers in crowded buses as a daily commuter.Boo.Plus yesterday I didn't feel like being a part of Alexander Selkirk's solitude,and did what all smart girls do when the gloom's curling black tendrils get to them..
..I went shopping,yaay!
And now two flipflops richer and waiting for a new haircut,I'm feeling considerably happier.
Besides,Bookpusher and Avada Kedavra have been really good bloggy friends.I was given two awards while I was in hibernation.I'll be passing them out shortly :)

Omg,the week is draaaaaaaaging.Argh.
Hows yours so far?


Anonymous said...

Also love 'sheer raininess', and I always feel that if it is a lovely rainy day or two I should be able to stay home with the coffee and the books, that unfortunatly doesn't pay the bills. Lily, crazy dog, on the other hand is convinced that if it is raining the sky is falling and the end of the world is nigh, which generally requires me to provide a lap for her to park her considerable shaking prescence on.
Nice to read your entertaining posts again, so what are you studying?

Miss_Nobody said...

Ah,we all have our responsibilites I guess and mine is to keep up my attendance in collge so I'm allowed fro the University exam at the end...sigh.I'm studying English lit,at the moment I'm not enjoying it as much as I would have liked to since History of English literature is an EXTREMELY tedious paper to study.BUT I AM loving my metaphysical poets (Donne,Herbert,Vaghan :) )and also the preraphelite poets Dg Rosseti,William Morris.Its really good to be back.Missed the good ol' bloggie lovings :) Btw,same goes for my dog..

Little Ms Blogger said...

A good rainy day can be the best, but since we've had the opposite weather from what you've had, a sunny day is the best for me.

Can't wait to hear how you like college and if you have roommates, live on campus.

I see you're studying English Lit - this is perfect for you. It'll get better.

Miss_Nobody said...

Umm,yes after all this rain I do crave the sun too,but I donot want him to blow hot on us for days.But then,wishful thinking.
My college days,uh...have so far been not so good,but thats a different story to narrate.
I'm waitingthe History of Literature paper to be over,and hoping that it gets better!

LiLu said...

This week IS dragging... but at least tomorrow is my housewarming! Woot. That's keeping me going... as long as it doesn't rain!

Chelsea Talks Smack said...

Flip flop buying always makes me smile.

Anonymous said...

Hey girl..welcome back welcome back.. I am fine.. my posts have become humongous though.. hehe.. how have you been? and any reason for the mysterious disappearance from the blogging world? was it the hectic college life? glad to have you back girlie..:) This post made me miss India more :( the miss those rainy days.. I used to go to school wearing colorful raincoats and get totally wet at the end :) I would give anything to get a single day where I could sit with a book sipping tea/coffee.. This hectic life wouldnt give me such a day :(

~sIdZ~ said...

not concerned about rains..but yessh..returning back to ur old den was a good piece of thought.. :)

sharazad said...

We had a good downpour yesterday and I sat back and finished Dreams from my Father and drank buckets of Orange Pekoe.
Twas lovely.
Good post.

lovelyprism said...

Welcome back! I can totally relate to a rainy day, a good cup of coffee and a good book, that's my idea of heaven.

Miss_Nobody said...

Lilu:Thats cool,you have something to look forward tooo...ahh
Chelsea:Me feels the same :)
EvanescentThoughts:Yaay,its great to be back,it was getting used to college that didnt leave much time for blogging.I love your posts,ofcourse its lovely to read you again!
Sharazad:Sounds like FUN!
Lovelyprism: Pure,unpolluted happiness,that..:)