TMI Thursday:Pet Woes

Lilu right there has an AMAZING blog,and I swear,if you read her and you aint pissing your pants from laughter,there's something wrong with you.REALLY.So yes,I thought I'd embarass myself today...its not exactly a novel concept in my life,but I haven't done so,so far here on my blog.No,REALLY.I don't mind. Actually I do...I have a limited readership and I'm so jeopardising it.But teehee I so wanted to take part in her TMI Thursdays.Whoopdida.

TMI Thursday

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There was a time I wanted to have a fur ball of my very own,you know,the kind thats not just stuffed and actually breathes,and cuddles and pees on your neighbour's doorstep?Um yes so I did,you did too and your parents were probably nice enough to get you one,clean up his poop and not grumble.But no.I got a fish tank,the occupants of which died within two weeks and that was the end of it all.Or so they thought,until last year April when dad brought home this
Cute?Yes,I thought so too.Infact I still do,though in one year he transformed me from daddy's little girl to a certified poop scooper.But I love the little bugger.

How can you NOT love this face?

But lately,our little boy has had a little problem.Though he is just one and a half,he is on a sexin' over drive and thinks its okay to have a little hump-di-do when no one's watching.Actually he doesn't care if anyone is watching or not.What can I say?He's a dog!And since I do all the take-caring,poop cleaning,cuddling,he has been climbing up my leg a little too often.

The other day while I was sleeping I had this strange dream that I was in a ship that was about to be ship wrecked.The ship rocked and rolled horriblly,and I did too.And then I woke up with pungent doggy breath in my face.Gypsy wagged his furry rear like a mini windmill and licked my face-chin to forehead,rolled over and lay sprawled on my bed.It was a hot afternoon,I stretched and lazily my hand landed slap on my thigh and came in contact with something wet.Sticky.Bogeylike.Ugh.

If you are eating,I'd request you to keep it away for a moment.Or I guess the damage is already done.

And are you wondering what my furball did to me?I was shell shocked,and TOTALLY grossed out.You would too,if you found out that you were jizzed on by your dog.


LiLu said...

OMG... gotta be honest... for some reason, I sort of just thought dogs humped and humped but never actually made the white Koolaid.


Little Ms Blogger said...

I'm with LiLu - I thought nothing came out - ewwww....

Miss_Nobody said...

Lol,where did you think the puppykins came from then,ARGH.I learnt it the hard way.EWWWWW

Ed Adams said...

Why do girls always pretend to be asleep? You knew.

Get that dog a stuff animal or a female. Just don't get his man parts wacked.

Anonymous said...

OMG.. that was bad.. yeah get him a female doggy for company

P said...


Hey, at least it's a cute dog.

(Crap, did I just say that???)

Er . . .

miss. chief said...

NOOO! i knew what was going to happen but i was still surprised!

Miss_Nobody said...

Ed:No, I didNOT know!
I really have to get him some female,lol
Thanks for visiting!

Anonymous said...

How about a quick trip to the vet, no unwanted puppies. We have lots of problems with unwanted puppies and kittens. That is how I ended up with the grey boys. I got them fixed, but Hobbit I am pretty sure knew it was my fault he was seperated from his manhood and sulked for days, Dash just got all sooky and wanted all the cuddles he could get.
Oh well at least you know he really really loves you. We once had a rabbit like that, no teddy bear was safe or the dog.