Jago re

Okay so the coastal guards were sleeping, in broad daylight when a bunch of people landed on the harbour, brushed off the questions of the locals brusqely and climbed into cabs and went off to work.

Okay, so the taj was informed earlier that there might be a possibility of an attack.So the securities were posted out front, and the crazy trigger hungry people broke into the kitchen and made their way inside the hotel. What was the security for? petty theft?If you call your right to live petty, then yes.

Okay so,the Maharashtra Govenrment were informed about the RDX smuggling.
People somehow wield their powers for all the wrong reasons. With the city being attacked so many times, how people can afford to be nonchalant is something to think about...

People seem to forget the difference between being literate and being educated, so the normal reaction when a techie is found to be involved we go "WHOA, but he is educated!" Time we realise not to fear bearded men yelling jihad but take that guy next door seriously who knows a bit too much about tommy guns,is extra paranoid about his religion.White collar terrorism is the name of the game.

How civilized of us to get a kick out of setting a bomb off under sombody's butt.How very common of us commoners to get used to it so quickly, how ungrateful of us to sulk over slightly overcooked vegetables.This is a sad day indeed.


SkyLarK said...

u sud hv seen d 9/11 planning..it's aired on nat geo..see if a repeat telecast is their on 1pm 2day or not..
wat angers me d most dat we take things to lightly...d attack happened less dan 2 days ago-and now it feels lyk sum historic event-life has returned to normal so fast.
it's lyk there was a roadbloack and now it's cleared-nothing to worry bout. we r not bend on revenge-dats ok...but we r not evn considering to upgrade our equipments ie to make sure this thing nevr happens again...
and israel was not wrong although it may seem a little harsh.
nd i was just givin u an xample of d thought process of an islam kid...

Miss_Nobody said...

would they have it on their site? i'll check it out, dunno things shouldnt be taken so lightly,these activities are no longer planed along the stone age