My muse

"Baby wont you let me through,
Baby, won't you let me love you?
You said your heart was on the mend
Can't you see
It breaks me, to see you broken.."
It was then that it felt so right
Every brusque bruise
Vanishing from sight
"baby won't you let me heal it?
I promise you happiness
Can't you feel it?"
Every jagged edge,
i could feel them smoothen
Flatter yourself,Cos,i'd say
Being with you is more like
Owning a piece of Heaven.
I have laughed,I have cried,
But you shone through it all
Often, without having any light
To reflect on you
You are crazy you are fun,You are my personal sun!
You are hard,You are soft
Inside out.
You are nuts
But,most of all,
You are a man of your words.

For He-Who-Must-Always-Be-Remembered ( by meFree Smiley Face Courtesy of


SkyLarK said...

it's just pure feelings...dnt hv any othr words to describe it. wen it comes to poetry-i lyk straight ones rather dan allegorical ones.
kudos to u!

Miss_Nobody said...

thanks :)