Wierd Facts

Okay So sohini and i were coming down the stairs,school was over and we were in not too high a spirit, with just a few days left.This was last tuesday.Both of us were admiring stuff on the softboard outside the classes when Sohini stopped dead in her tracks and doubled over laughing.I asked her what was wrong and all she did was laugh like a loon and then i realized while shaking with laughter,she was also pointing at something.

Me:ki holo?
Me:Holo ta ki?
Sohini:Oi *choke-laugh* dekh

Here is what i saw
WIERD FACTS(in red sketch pen,bold and underlined for everyones benefit lol)
fact 1.*i forgot*
fact 2:Fishes can change their gender

LOL did u know that?How very cost effective and convenient huh?DID u in ur wildest of wild F***ing dreams think of that?There were so many others but i forgot.

Sohini:Oh look, im a boy,now im a girl,im a boy, im a girl, oops! im a BIRL
...more laughter