Okay so i thought i was over it above it all.Commercial movies.Gah.Who would watch them,seeing through it is not either so merry or so horribly melodramatically sad either.So,i thought I had grown up, i like art films now.But guess what? I enjoyed this movie thoroughly,and i realize that i ought not typecast moviemakers, directors, actrs etc. I neither like Ab jr, nor priyanka chopra,but i thoroughly enjoyed this one!.Though gay jokes by now are passe,this was ribtickling, and thoroughly worth the 190 buck ticket and missing an evening worth of economics 3 4 months before ISC.So, yea. Watch it!It's hilarious!


SkyLarK said...

u bet!! it was totally worth the money! dat abhishek-john first meet love story in france-dat was hilarious!!!!!! :D

Miss_Nobody said...

it outta words!lol